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What do you think of this? (gun ban)?

Problem, reaction, solution -- this is how you lose your freedoms.

(i.e. Sandy Hook, normal human reaction [fear], Government proposes a gun ban)

(i.e. 9/11, normal human reaction [fear, anger], Government proposes Patriot Act + War) Keep in mind, these ideas were part of the Government's agenda well before 9/11...

If anyone was paying attention to Mancow's radio program, you'll know what I'm referring to. Any truth to this? What're your thoughts?

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    Never ask what we think here or you might get it... LOL

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    76/78 Killed by order of Janet Reno who answered to only President WJ Clinton. Are they in Jail yet? Are the 76 ATF Agents and the Who knows how many military personnel involved in Jail yet?

    Impunity is a tool used by dictators. IMO

    On the day of WACO massacre I changed the acronym ATF meaning to "American Terrorist Facilitators.."

    I find it odd that So many of our Representatives including Governors, President and Vice President are pushing Gun control on We the people after 76/78 are killed by their governing body yet we heard and hear today NOTHING of nearly 4 times the deaths including 21/23 children at the hands of the real mass murders.. The Federal Government.

    Common sense tells us to go after the worst offenders of murder laws first...

    Ban Mass Murder of American Citizens at the hands of the Federal Government FIRST!

    Here are the facts for murders in America in 2011

    Assault Weapons 323

    Hammers 496

    Knives 650

    Drunk Drivers 12,000

    Medical Malpractice 195,000

    So instead of going after those who kill the most… Obama and the Liberals go after the least of the Murderers Problems..

    What does that tell you?

    Their Gun Control Agenda is more important than deaths of the innocent including Children.

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    The Government uses fear and propaganda to pass lots of laws that we the people would have never agreed to under normal circumstances. Lets look at the Patriot Act. Would we willingly have giving up so many rights without the 911 attacks? No way! Just try opening up a PO box now. You need around 450 documents (slightly exaggerated) proving who you are and state why you want to open one. Air travel is a nightmare. Now Gun control, a honest gun owner is the one being punished here! Criminals don't get guns legally. They will always have outlets and will remain armed. Whats next microchipping all US citizens... Wait that is already been proposed. They will use Megans law to get that one through. You see we are only sheep and the Government is the sheep herder who keeps the unsuspecting flock in line. Don't be a sheep dont let fear cloud your better judgement. Stand up for what you believe in, After all this is the home of the brave and land of the free lets keep it that way.

  • The question is where you draw the line on issues. Has the right to bear arms been applied too liberally (and yes, I recognise the irony)? What about the right to privacy?

    Reactionist policy will always be a part of politics (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), but there is no hypocracy in supporting one and condemning the other. The thing is, rights all have breaking points. Private property and imprisonment limits the right to movement, slander laws and hate speech limits the right to free speech. Suppose we have the freedom to murder someone in cold blood...That right is guaranteed by nothing, and has no support. It's still a right and a freedom- Just one we don't have, for fairly obvious reason.

    Laws restrict our freedoms. It's their job. Otherwise, we'd be free to rob, rape and pillage to our hearts content.

    Source(s): In favour of gun control, against the Patriot Act and War.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    There's no truth to the fact that every solution leads to a loss of freedom. To believe that you'd have to be retarded.


    Because the distinction is: Is the solution good or bad?

    For example.

    Problem: Taxation without representation.

    Reaction: Anger

    Solution: Independence

    It fits ALL the criteria, ergo the American Revolution destroyed our freedom.

    By your proposal (or Mancow's?), the best solution to EVERY problem is: Whatevs and move on.

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  • 17R3W
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    You've got a point.

    I think though, the Patriot Act is much more insidious then a ban on assault weapons.

    - 17R3W

    @Smoking Joe

    I think that people know that the ban is on Assault Weapons, but gun ban is easier to say/type.

    I know yesterday I had to re-ask a question because people were correcting me.

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    properly, there must be fewer gun crimes. yet there'll be greater arsons, IED detonations, hit and runs and chain observed massacres. the thought removing weapons will reinstate an era of chains and brass knuckles the place the "Fonz is going to a rumble" is naive. it is that weapons are greater useful at killing than another potential, yet its additionally authentic that they are precise - in maximum circumstances its in basic terms the guy who you factor the gun at and pull the set off that dies, no longer so with burning down a rival gang member's abode with him and his kinfolk in it. people who kill with weapons pick to kill. like the President reported approximately smoking weed, "it rather is the factor".

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    This Assault weapons ban is not about the protecting anyone, it is about control and infringement on a right.

    Source(s): Whiskey
  • Mark F
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    8 years ago

    Talking heads on the radio fill your head with garbage. Ignore all of them.

  • 8 years ago

    the gun ban might kill less people each year but that wont stop people from killing each other . i mean look at prison people in their they will kill you with a tooth brush and a sock full of batteries.

  • 8 years ago

    I think you're lying about there being a gun ban, or anybody proposing it.

    Source(s): Because there is no gun ban, and nobody is proposing it other than in your vivid imaginations. Not lying is awesome! Give it a try sometime!
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