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How to download games for free on your pc?

I know this is a illegal but my friend's boyfriend was able to download Minecraft, GTA, and other games on my friend's pc for free. How can I do this or is there I site I can get these for free on? Please serious answers only, & don't give me crap about how illegal it is or whatever.

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    8 years ago
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    Y!A - is NOT a pirates 'help' site.

    This post (and two replies) have been reported for serious Answers violations.

    Buy the game(s) like any other law-abiding citizen!!

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    on of the best websites for download games,softwares,musics and movies for free with the best cracks. you will be able to download free games using this site in the ".torrent" format. just download "bit torrent" software and vist the site & enjoy. if you have any problems just email

  • Jim P
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    8 years ago

    This site is an open public forum, which anyone, repeat ANYONE, anywhere worldwide can read. ...... Duh.

    A post like this violates Yahoo's Community Guidlines and TOS,

    especially the section.... "violating the law"

    Your question (and 2 of the repies) have been reported

  • 8 years ago

    go to black box that site is best for download games.............. ;)

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