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How do i deal with me psycotic moody pregnant girlfriend?

My future fiance is 10 weeks. I am so happy I do what I can everyday to take care ofher to a point to were I'm sleep deprived. And the fack that I'm hypoglysimic doesn't help. I love her with alll my heart she is more then anything to me. Its hard and upsettimg dealing with her moodswings constantly that's making me smoke after I quit. She blows up at me and basicly everything is my fault, I don't do anything right, and the things she says to me is really hurtfull and makes me stressed and worried. I feel like I'm constantly walking on eggshells. Like I have

To put my tail between my kegs and hope for the best. Trying to comfort her doesn't even work. Not even letting her vent until she calms down. Its an episode every other day. What the f......?

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    Until these nine months are up you're going to have to deal with it. from the sounds of things she wasn't this bad before pregnancy. Hormones mess with girls and make them very very bipolar at the best of times. I dump my boyfriend and everything and he just waits till i calm down and hugs me to let me know he understands. Us pregnant women dont mean to be moody. We just are. You have a person growing inside of you and see if you act any different ;) keep your patients and all the best.

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    I'm currently 15 weeks and yes I do get crazy from all those stupid hormones...I know at the time that that is the reason why I am over reacting to things or flipping out over something silly...but what gets me the most is when my bf doesn't get that my hormones are making me like this...alls I can say is try to be supportive no matter what and try to talk to her when she's not in a bad mood...explain your feelings and listen to hers as well...sometimes the best thing to do is just give her some space to calm down and better tool than communication tho (just piick the right time to bring it up or she may flip out lol) good luck and congrats

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    That's not normal. I've been a moody psychotic pregnant woman multiple times, and I never acted like that. I've known a significant amount of pregnant women, and none of them take the excessive hormones to that extreme. Assuming that it's her first pregnancy, there is the chance that she is just acting the way she is and saying whatever she feels like to upset you, because she knows that she can use the pregnancy to her benefit. I'm not trying to say that she's lying, I'm just saying that she's taking the moodiness of pregnancy to an extreme. Try talking to her about it when she seems like the she's thinking rationally, and ask her to try to calm things down a little. Don;t tell her that you think she's being extreme. Simply ask her to calm it down a little. Let her know that you support her, but she's saying a lot of hurtful things and you don't really appreciate it.

    Good luck

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    I understand that you feel the way you do but woman are put under so much stress especially when pregnant, gaining weight, being sick all the time. You know she isn't this way when she wasn't pregnant she's just hormonal.

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    i did this with my husband with all 3 of our kiddos. right now her horomones are changing alot so she will be moody. but this normally goes away or gets better. i would just make sure to tell her you love her alot and give her compiments several times troughout the day. good luck

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