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Looking for spesific movie that i dont know the title of?

I once caught a glimpse of an movie that i quit liked and know a big part of the plot but not the title.

The part of the plot i do remember is this. Its sometime around the year 2700, the world is geographicly the same as now but divided into four powers, one of which is called Bauhaus or something along that.

There is war but with ww1 and 2 weapons and tactics like trench warfare but in later scenes you see advanced and far supirior tecnology like spaceships and advanced architecture . The brutal and relentles war has opened a portal or gate or i dont know but unleashes a hord of mutant that look pail skinny fast and have their arms not end in hands but in a long spike and have human dimentions.These mutants overrun Earth and humanity must flee the planet to survive. one scene i remember is when the last ship docked to a high tower or building is going to leave and a man urges another man ,which seems to be some kind of political authorathy, to hurry because the mutants are macking there way upthe tower he says no and stays while you se the mutans soround him he asks them something and they all grinn. This ib only the beginning of the movie. I think its a horror action movie. I would love if someone kould help me find this movie.

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    Mutant Chronicles (2008)

    Mutant Chronicles takes place on an alternate-reality Earth. A prologue explains that at the end of the Ice Age, a huge alien "machine" arrived on the planet and began turning humans into mutants -- which amounts basically to growing an elongated, hooked arm, suitable for impaling human heads. The humans arose and buried the machine, but thousands of years later, in the year 2707, global warfare between the four Corporations that rule the Earth inadvertently unearths it, again unleashing hordes of mutants. The four Corporations: Mishima, Bauhaus, Capitol and Imperial that are in a constant state of war.

    The mutants attack the humans, killing some and dragging the rest to the machine to be turned into more mutants. Although the corporations put aside their differences to battle the creatures, within six weeks, humans are on the brink of defeat, and the privileged ones are evacuating on space ships to Mars and beyond.

    In a last-ditch effort to save the planet, a monk named Samuel (Ron Perlman), from an order descended from the leader of the original human rebellion, gathers a ragtag group of mercenaries led by Mitch Hunter (Thomas Jane). They head off on a suicide mission into the bowels of the Earth, hoping to fulfill the prophecy that someone will arise to defeat the mutants once and for all.

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    The Boys From Down Under

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