What do I tell her? Hi guys. Bare with me this might be long.?

My friend of 15 years after not speaking to her

for a few months out the blue rang me up rather upset. She wanted my advise

and what she told me i have to admit even i was just oh god babe i don't know. Ive

tried putting my self in her situation but its an odd one.

She and her bf have been together for about 4 years, as far as I'm aware things

were ok i only know on bits she's told me. About 5-6 months bk

She found out about his porn habit. She said there sex life had

really trailed of and she thought he was cheating. She said she was relieved that

it was just porn but at the same time gutted. She asked him a hand full of times

about it and he lied to her about using it. She said she wasn't too upset about

him masturbating just that he stopped being Intimate with her for a while and lied about it

They talked it through and moved on. He promised her things would improve and he'd lay of the porn. Now that was the last I heard about it, she rang me from time to time and told me "he was using porn again" and lying about it. This made me angry for her. She told me that shed had enough of his lying

and said she started to feel and act differently, even irrational thinking. She decided to have sex with him

loads and loads so he would be to tired and satisfied to not watch porn. She told me it was working,

and that he was knackered most days. I though wow she must really hate him looking at this stuff.

So we go out for a coffee and she comes on her period, you should of seen the panic in her face

"wow am i going to please him now" Im going to have to just "play with him loads ent i" What women feels like that when they are on? A week later (Friday) she invites me out with her bf, her, and her mates, I couldn't make it so I said no thanks. They went out had fun got very drunk. (as you do) Then she rings me Saturday night. Her female friend joked at a 4 sum, my friend and her bf and there too mates. She told me that she was so waisted in her head it made sense I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So that's what they did.

She said she was still on her period so she couldn't do nothing but watch and please everyone else.

She thought it would be good for her bf, crying down the fone shes sobbing that her bf didn't even

want to do it, he couldn't get it up none of them were enjoying it, so they called it quits and went to bed. So she moaning and i cant hear her properly saying something about him cheating.

I had to say you been stupid you no that these things don't work out and this is not like you.

How can you say he's cheated? when you all agreed to it and went ahead.

(I'm right

though ent i? ) But then she said "no not that i cant say anything about that"

she said that they all agreed to call it quits, it was a mistake and they all went to bed.

her and her bf had a disagreement about it, and he tried it on. She

said her head was mashed and told him no. They both fell asleep. She said she felt him get out of bed. Thought that hed gone for a wee. When she realised he was gone a while, she got up

looked out back to see if he was smoking, but then found him in bed naked with there female friend. She said she walked not long after he went in.

She said her female friend was half asleep rubbing her eyes, saying "he just came in to the room and got in bed

"he started rubbing my hand on his d*ck, i don't want to i just want to go to bloody sleep"

or something like that. I was like WTF? i was like well come on, his head must be pretty mashed. She said, he said he was still drunk and confused he said his head was fucked and that he didn't even realise they'd had fallen asleep. I said so what did you do? She said she went mental, slapped him around the face but he didn't seem to respond. like he was out of it. I said what a mess. "I no" she said crying down the fone. She said she's drawn a line under the other event,(the 4 sum) but don't know what to make of him

getting out of there bed and trying it on. She said the 3 sum was over, they all went to bed. Its been playing on her mind. I cant decide either and i didn't know what to say to her. Because its a confusing time for both of them. Its not like my friend to be like this, and why now after 4 years? Its like a part of her has died somewhere.

Do you guys think he cheated (After the 4 sum)

Or would his head of been mashed and confused

should she class it as a whole one big mess? a huge mistake? and leave it as that and work through it?

I know what she's like and this will eat at her. She HATES! people lying to her, and going behind her back.

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    Your friend's guy was still in a horny mood even though he was drunk cause most really drunk guys

    aren't capable to do what their lustful minds want them to do. To him he was simply trying to finish

    what he started with her involved or not. Once you set this sort of thing in motion especially with drugs

    and or alcohol involved kinky swinging sex going on, folks consenting to it, folks changing their minds

    then falling to sleep waking up still drunk and horny what the hell do you expect?

    If the guy didn't want to do it in the first place, then who did. her? After all wasn't she in the foursome?

    If all this happened 4 years ago, why is she still dwelling on it? Why is she telling you all this mess are

    you sure she's not interested in getting "you" in a new kinky episode? This is really her and her guy's

    crap to straighten out or mess up or whatever and I'd stay out of it if I was you cause don't you have

    your own sex life to take care of and that's exactly what I would be doing!

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