Should i buy this for the girl i like, or would it make for an awkward situation?

So, I like this girl, and I have a class with her and it’s a very small class (just me, her, her best friend, and 2 other girls) and we’re friendly but I’m not that close to her and I don’t know whether or not she likes me (she probably doesn’t, but she has been a bit more friendly the past few days). Regardless if she doesn’t, I hope to get her to like me.

Anyways, in class one day she was talking (not to any particular person, just out loud so all of us could hear) about how she wants a large world map to mark all the places she goes in life, and then said maybe she’ll ask somebody to give her one on valentine’s day, and her best friend asks: “Who’s your valentine? Jane Doe?” (She doesn’t have a boyfriend, and Jane Doe is another female friend of theirs). So she was like “ehh, I don’t know...” and then quietly said “maybe I should ask a fella”. End of conversation.

I was thinking about buying her the map and acting like i just happened to notice one in a store, and remembered she wanted one.

How do you think this “random” gift would come across? Would it make her happy and think I’m a nice guy? Or would it be awkward, her unexpectedly receiving a gift from a guy she barely knows?

I’d appreciate advice from girls especially, but if a guy has anything helpful that’s cool too. Thanks

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  • 8 years ago
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    thats a great idea, it's not like its something she doesnt want, and it'll show her how well you know her. and it can be seen as just a casual gift between friends.

    p.s im a year 10 girl

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