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How to keep knees/joints healthy?

I am looking to one day be in the FBI (specifically HRT) and I am a little overweight right now and I wanted to know how I can keep my knees, ankles, shouldes, etc.. Healthy so I can join the FBI when I am older.

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    The best way to keep your joints healthy is to not be overweight. Flexibility is also very important for protecting against joint injury - so you should do lots of stretching. Also, when you exercise, it's best to avoid high impact activities like running on pavement.

  • 3 years ago

    its all approximately capability. are you burning greater advantageous capability than you're eating. bear in mind: "healthy" isn't equivalent to "skinny" healthy surely absolutely everyone looks those that eat astonishing, shop their heart in good shape, and are psychologically sound. in case you're walking 10 miles a week and partaking in our surroundings, loose time for thinking, and eating astonishing -- it extremely is likely healthy.

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