Anyone who speaks German, what does this mean?

Some German guy asked a question on here and im curious what he is saying, thanks!

'' Habt irh euch ach schon einen widerspruchsausweis besorgt, um nicht irgendwann als ersatzeillager zu enden?''



I was just copying what the guy said, thanks for telling me what it said, that language makes no sense to me when i look at it.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Have you already got an objection card so you don't end up as spares sometime?

    Objection card is my interpretation there might be a better translation - it's a card that tells the people in the hospital not to use your organs for transplants.

    It's an old discussion which solution is better - if organs can be taken only if agreed by the donor (e.g. with a organ donor card) or his relatives or if the organs can be taken as long as the deceased has not opposed to it and has card showing this opposition. Different countries have different laws and in Germany there were discussion if the existing regulation should be changed, as a previous poster had already pointed out.

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  • Rtfdf
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    7 years ago

    It makes sense. But first of all: it is "Ersatzteillager"

    there was a debate in Germany a while back, because there are less and less organ donors.

    you can be a donor voluntarily and they wanted to change the law to: everyone is an organ donor, except you use a Widerspruchsausweis to not be an Ersatzteillager someday.

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  • Totoro
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    7 years ago

    It says: "Oh, have you got a consistent identity card not to end up at some point...." There is a miss spelled word. "Ersatzeillager" is wrong. it is "Ersatztiellager" which means spare parts depot. Some it says "Oh, have you got a consistent identity card not to end up at some point in the spare parts depot." The miss spelled word threw me off. However, the sentence doesn't seem logical. Are you sure you phrased it correctly? Some words appear out of order.

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  • Rain
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    7 years ago

    Have you already gotten a consistent identity card to not eventually ending up as a spare parts warehouse?

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