Have the rules regarding travel of PRC citizens to Taiwan been revised lately?

I had thought they needed to travel in tour groups, yet I met a solitary Beijinger who was staying in a Taiwan hostel the other day.

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    Part of the ECFA agreement was that citizens of the 3 largest cities in China would be permitted individual travel to Taiwan for a period of no more than 15 days, unless they have sponsors within Taiwan vouching for their location and financial capacity the entire time they are in Taiwan. These sponsors are usually family members, or corporations that have brought executive level workers to Taiwan for business purposes.

    The 3 cities that Taipei has permitted individual residences to travel freely to Taiwan are: Beijing Tianjian and Shanghai. Beijing being the capital city and a municipality level city (the highest rank of city) of course will receive the special treatment first, second comes Tianjian who also recently obtained municipality level ranking, and Shanghai a first level city below that of Beijing and Tianjian but home to a good majority of China's rich citizens. Due to the requirements of significant financial capacity these three cities were chosen first by Taipei to accept independent travelers from (or in groups less than 10).

    In the future Guangzhou residents are expected to have access to 1 by 1 travel to Taiwan. As of now only a few people within Guangzhou are permitted travel to Taiwan as independent tourists because they have moved their corporate offices to Taiwan. There by meeting ROC regulations of providing significantly to the economic development of the Taiwan, to permit long term provisional residency. A rule that stands for all nationalities.

    HongKong and Macau citizens are permitted to travel to Taiwan freely for periods up to 30-90 days as reciprocal travel treaties are signed between the Taiwan and these regions.

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