are there kinder activities for the letter v?

are the any activities with the letter v for kinder that are learning to read

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    Books for Preschool Alphabet Lesson Plan: Letter V

    Vera Viper's Valentine by Maxwell Higgins

    Vulture View by April Pulley Sayre

    The Sulky Vulture by Sally Grindley

    The Absolutely Awful Alphabet by Mordicai Gerstein

    Animal for Preschool Alphabet Lesson Plan: Letter V

    V is for vulture! Take some time to talk about vultures with your preschool students. Information about vultures can be found here and here. A coloring picture of a vulture can be found here. Have your preschool students color the vulture brown and trace the word vulture beneath the picture. Remind them throughout the lesson that the word vulture starts with the letter V.

    Note: Keep the finished coloring pictures to add to an Alphabet Animals book that your preschool students can put together after you have studied all of the letters A-Z.

    Color for Preschool Alphabet Lesson Plan: Letter V Purple: V is for violet!

    Shape for Preschool Alphabet Lesson Plan: Letter V

    Heart: V is for valentine!

    Snack for Preschool Alphabet Lesson Plan: Letter V

    - vanilla ice cream

    - vegetables

    - vanilla wafers

    - vegetable soup

    Art Activity for Preschool Alphabet Lesson Plan: Letter V

    Valentine: Whether you are presenting a letter V lesson plan to your preschool students in February or July, the word valentine always starts with the letter V! Supply your preschool classroom's art center with purple (violet, if you have it), pink, red and white construction paper. Let your students cut out heart shapes. For younger preschoolers, you might need to do the cutting. Let your preschool students decorate the valentines with sequins, doilies and stickers. Remind them throughout this art activity that the word valentine starts with the letter V.

    Letter Recognition for Preschool Alphabet Lesson Plan: Letter V

    Provide your students with a sheet of paper printed with several letters of the alphabet. Let your students use a pencil or purple (violet) crayon to circle all of the letters V and v that they find. You might choose to cut the paper in the shape of a heart (valentine).

    Sensory Activity for Preschool Alphabet Lesson Plan: Letter V

    Fill your preschool classroom's sensory table with either sand, water, beans or rice. Add some plastic vases and small toy shovels. Put some silk or plastic flowers in, as well. Let your preschool students fill the vases with the sand (or whatever else the tub is filled with) and then put some flowers in the vase, too. Reiterate throughout their sensory center time that the word vase starts with the letter V.

    Dramatic Play Activity for Preschool Alphabet Lesson Plan: Letter V

    Some items for your preschool classroom's dramatic play center that begin with the letter V are valentines, visors, velvet clothing, stuffed toy vultures and silk violets in vases.

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