Power inverter sucking all the power?

I have a 1200 watt power inverter hooked up to my battery and 2 amplifiers for speakers. Whenever i hook the inverter into the battery the amps and radio turn off. (basicly all the extra things turn off) do i need another battery? or what do you guys think

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  • 8 years ago
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    With the engine off this would drain a batter quickly.

    Suggestion. Install a second battery and connect it to the electrical system using an automatic isolator. These are used in RVs. The RV power runs entirely off of the second battery and will not drain the main battery in the vehicle. However, the vehicle's charging system will charge the second battery. Sort of like a one way check valve for electricity. Try going to a place that sells and services camping trailers. They will know what these are. It may also be helpful to install a larger capacity alternator to go with this setup.

    Also, VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure you use wiring that is heavy enough gauge to carry the required amperage. Make sure there are correct amperage fuses where required. It the wire passes though any holes make sure the hole has a grommet. Plan your system well. Failure to plan your system and you risk an electrical fire that can burn your vehicle to the ground. If the vehicle is in your garage, your garage could also burn. If the garage is attached to the house, your house could also burn. This is why this is so important.

  • 4 years ago

    All i comprehend is that this. My chum had a sparkling Ford F-one hundred fifty, and that i helped him no longer some time past in a Christmas Parade the place he towed a small 2 wheeled trailer as element of a parade flow. We went some million 3/4 of a mile @ 2-4 miles an hour. He used his 12v ability supply to plug in inverter into, and then ran a small boombox cd participant to play some X-Mas track , and had that throughout his mattress. approximately midway in the process the parade , i spotted the truck all started working tough , like it grew to become into lacking or misfiring a cylinder or some thing. He grew to become into under guarantee so he took it in to the broking. They reported some thing under pressure the electric gadget. i'm guessing it grew to become into THAT.

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