Everytime I run advance system care scan, causes computer to run boot up scan?

Everytime I run the advance system care scan on my laptop, it causes the scan that happens before it boots up to happen, with the black screen and white writing. Anything I can do to stop that happening, reinstalling it? or should I remove it altogether, aside from that I'm quite happy with advance system care, I've used it for a good 5 years now.


Pulsar, if that turns out to solve the problem, I'm gonna slap myself.

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    8 years ago
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    un-check the option to run a disk check.


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    4 years ago

    on your keyboard press ctr+shift=esc and then pass to the performace tab and look on the 2nd image ( the only with the blue line in the process), that blue line potential the quantity of RAM memory or digital memory this is getting used. If the line is close to the suitable, it potential that some attitude of classes are ingesting too lots memory and making your comp. slow. If thi is the case, pass to the approach tab and leaf in the process the names on the checklist and to the 0.33 column that pronounces memory(private working set) then seek for numbers that exceed 500,000, or if there are too many severe numbers like as an occasion 15 or 20 vast numbers. If it is going on to yor computer, it would desire to be 2 issues, you the two have some style of virus or malware this is taking over all your computer's memory or you have some heavy classes like antivirus that require too lots memory, or in basic terms you do not have the needed quantity of RAM memory to run your modern working device. you may desire to grant those info, like your quantity of RAM, processor velocity. difficultchronic ability, and what residing house windows you're working. the in basic terms right a threat reason on your difficulty is that your difficultchronic or the different component to the computer are having issues. First you may desire to acquire a loose path of Kaspersky 2010 and run an entire virus test, and in basic terms via case additionally acquire malwarebyte (reminiscent of kaspersky) and make an entire test. i'm hoping this helped you

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    Haha, better get to slappin'!!

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