What do you think of Alice in Chains music?

What do you think of AIC's music? as in what are your favorite AIC albums and songs? also what do you think of the Mad Season album made by Layne Staley and members of Peral Jam and other bands and what about Jerry Cantrell's solo albums? i have Boggy Depot by Jerry Cantrell and think it's a good album but i've never heard anything off of Degradation Trip. i also bought the newest AIC album with the new singer and think it's a good album but doesn't quite match the ones from the original band. and how do you think AIC compares to all the other Grunge/Seattle bands of that era? Thanks.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Alice in Chains is my favourite band... like ever.

    I do listen to many different bands (and I specially love the whole Grunge scene), and Alice in Chains has been my number 1 band for 6 years, now.

    It's always hard for me to choose a favourite album. I'd say that "Facelift" is probably the one I listened more, I'm really attached to that album. Lately my favourite song has been "Frogs", but it changes from time to time, you know ^^

    About Mad Season ... Well... "Above" is my all time favourite album. I think Layne gave his best in that work. He put all of himself in those songs. It is a true masterpiece!

    I have also listened to Jerry's solo works. ..Jerry was the driving force of Alice in Chains. He wrote most of the songs, and the music. He has some talent, which I think was not enterely showed in his solo albums. I mean, they're not bad, but didn't really catch me.

    Same question about the "new Alice in Chains".

    I have to admit I was quite excited when I heard they were making a new album. I bought it as soon as it came out, and even went to see them live.

    ...I don't know... There's just something missing. Layne was the soul of Alice in Chains. He was the median, you know. His voice was just too important to be replaced.

    I wish they would have changed their name as making a new album. To respect what they were with Layne. ...Alice in Chains died when Layne died, that's my thought.

    They're the dark side of Seattle Sound. Their music is part of me. Part of my soul, and my skin.

    Any other band could not make me feel like their music makes me feel.

    I love them!


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    7 years ago

    They were more of a heavy metal band than a "grunge band" well they were many things, albums such as facelift, dirt, and self titled/tripod showed there metal side (although facelift had a couple more hard rock tunes) sap and jar of flies and unplugged showed there more soft "alternative" side. But aside from that they were more heavy metal than anything else. I love them, one of my favorite bands, I love there 90s stuff and black gives way to blue, the devil put dinosaurs here was not bad but not my favorite. Favorite albums honestly its a 3 way tie between dirt,, jar of flies, and tripod. All fantastic albums in there own right. Alice has a VERY dark sound probably the most depressing band in the grunge scene and up there in the 90s. My favorite songs by them are: Junkhead, man in the box, love hate love, confusion, dam that river, no excuses, nutshell (unplugged version) died, get born again, sludge factory (unplugged version) shame in you, over now, grind, a looking in view, black gives way to blue, dirt, sunshine, real thing, we die young, sea of sorrow, bleed the freak, them bones, down in a hole, hate to feel, angry chair, would. His work with mad season is awesome although i'm only 30 minutes into that album from what I can remember.

  • Opiner
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    8 years ago

    Love them, one of my favorite bands.

    Favorite albums are Facelift and Dirt.

    Favorite songs are Would, What the Hell Have I, Got Me Wrong, Man in the Box, We Die Young, Junkhead, No Excuses, Heaven Beside You, Don't Follow, I Stay Away

    Mad Season is ok, not as good as AiC in my opinion, Don't care for the new singer.

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    8 years ago

    I don't know, they particulary attract me. They have a complete sound, an expressive lyrics and way to pose the band on the centre of the pubblic.

    I esteem them 'cause they have no direct ispiration by the grunge, but the made so well, like a natural gift.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Love them. Im listening to rotten apple a lot lately. The bass riff is sick! But i listen to mostly all of there stuff

  • 8 years ago

    Alice in chains are one of my fav grunge bands,behind soundgarden.

    The band was overshadowed by nirvana,who are 'overrated'.

    they gained popularity just because cobain died.

    Please tell me what happened when layne died?


    And musically,aic are a better band than nirvana.

    I prefer soundgarden,maybe its just because i heard them first.

    layne put his heart and soul into aic's music,thats one of the things which made aic special.

    the new lineup lacks staley's love,passion,thats why it doesnt match the ones from the original band.

  • I hated them, thought they were boring, dumb, plodding, morose, and hated his voice and lyrics. Soundgarden were the most creative, musical, and interesting band BY FAR from that scene. Superunknown and Badmotorfinger are masterpieces.

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    Don't care for it.

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