Three phase systems star and delta connections?

Three identical coils each of resistance 50ohms and inductance of 254.6(mH)

Are connected to a 415v at a frequency 50Hz

1) Star 2)Delta


Line and phase voltages

Line and phase currents

For both configurations

Thank you for any help

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    7 years ago
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    for star connection;

    E(line)= Squ.root(3) x E(phase)



    E(line) ot(3) x415


    for phase current


    I=V/(R+Xl) -------------(1)

    inductive reactence = 2x pi x f x L = 2 x 3.141 x 50 x 254.6m = 79.96 ohm

    put in eq1 then we get

    I=(415)/(50+79.96) = 3.193Amp

    For Delta Connection ;

    E(line) = E(phase)

    E(line) = E(phase)= 415V

    I(line)= Squ.root(3) x I(phase)

    where we have calculated I = 3.193Amp

    I(line)= ot(3) x 3.193 = 5.53 amp

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    3 years ago

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