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Can you feed solar energy back into the grid and use it at night as a preordered credit? #CleanTech?

For example, I think there is a lucrative opportunity available for utility companies to take advantage of diurnal solar energy. Solar is the most versatile off grid energy since today I could have heated my apartment room right now (@1am) from the sun that was out this afternoon (especially as prices for solar are rapidly going down with material science development, battery development, and crowd-funding all being revolutionized in this silicon valley political atmosphere). If the price for investing in somewhat expensive equipment is worth it, partly by consumer investor logic and choice, but mostly because of poor grid structure (unless the price gets even cheaper, outcompeting the price of even my electricity from Pacific Gas & Electric, then this would certainly make sense). Grid structure will become more stressed as the world switches to electric vehicles, so different technology products such as this teenage apartment style solar panel energy saver (especially with shitty electrical systems and grids).

But I digress.

I used to keep my business ideas to myself but now f it since I'm too busy with school and by the time i'm smart enough to do it, it will have already of been done. Though, it might be hard to get PG&E to play along with the solar panels business strategy anyways. I don't know the politics well enough obviously as well.

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    You blinked. And it has happened. You are describing a system of net metering which is already available in many areas of the US.

    Using electric cars will actually make the present grid more efficient and up to 86% of existing vehicles could be powered using the existing grid and power structure if they were powered by electricity and charged off peak at night.

    Heating homes using photovoltaic solar panels and electricity is far less efficient (maximum about 30%) than using thermal solar panels to capture the sun's heat and distribute it to the home. (up to 80% efficient )

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    PG&E routinely buys electricity from homeowners with solar power systems. PG&E buys the power at wholesale rates and sells to those same homeowners at retail prices. PG&E is required by law to have a certain amount of power from "renewable" sources, some of which they satisfy by buying from residential customers.

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    Source(s): Guide To Solar Power -
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    No you may no longer get power from image voltaic panels at night. specific you may keep the ability in batteries. yet bear in suggestions you may want to have adequate image voltaic panels to run your load and the burden of the batteries.

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