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what is the cheapest website to buy protein?

i know its all a business and all companies are trying to make money, but i don't want to overpay for protein. i am also trying to buy the most amount while paying the cheapest. any recommendations??

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    Do you really think it matters if you're just going to pee it down the drain anyway? The smart thing to do would be save your money and just eat food because excess protein is not going to build muscle.

    Your body cannot use protein supplements unless your diet is deficient in protein. And, if it is, fix your diet. Eat food!!

    Here's why you should not use protein supplements.

    • You don't need them.

    Our species has survived for 150,000 generations without supplements. You grew from an infant to what you are today by eating food. There is absolutely no reason to take protein supplements if you have a normal diet. And, If you don't, fix the diet. If you take more protein than you body needs, the rest will be either excreted in urine, burned (metabolized), or used to synthesize fat.

    • They are a poor source of nutrition

    Protein supplements contain mostly protein and little else of value. Protein-bearing food contains a constellation of nutrients...vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and many more things your body can use to maintain itself. So, just adding one thing out of many to your diet is a bad nutritional deal for you. Food is the best nutritional bargain there is.

    • Protein does not make muscles grow.

    Exercise creates the stimulus for muscle growth. To turn that stimulation into growth, your body requires a host of nutrients including carbs, enzymes, amino acids, and more. Supplementing your diet with one thing but not others makes no sense at all and only proves that you are getting all you need from your food anyway.

    • Protein is a diet killer and has the same calories as sugar.

    Protein has the same caloric value as carbs or pure sugar (4 calories per gram). Protein can be as big a diet killer as sugary junk foods. There is no advantage to getting more protein than you need and here's how much you need --> according to the best minds in nutrition on the planet, the US CDC.

    • Every US federal Health Agency warns against using supplements

    The CDC and NIH and many other health agencies warn that no one should take protein supplements without the recommendation of a health care professional. Here's why --> and .

    • Protein Supplements may be contaminated

    Many tests of protein supplements have revealed contaminants such as heavy metals (cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury), salmonella bacteria, and byproducts of pesticides, fertilizers, etc. In the US, there is no statutory requirement (law) that requires protein supplement makers to test their products. Watch this video from CBS news --> and note that Muscle Milk was one of the products found to be contaminated.

    • The world's top athletes don't use protein supplements. Why should you?

    Most Olympians do not use protein supplements and they train much harder than bodybuilders. Train like an Olympian. --> . Eat like an Olympian --> .

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    Supplements are not required by law to be tested so you won't know what's in the bottle when you buy it anyway. So, what does it matter if you think you're getting a bargain when you'll never know for sure? Bodybuilding supplements are scams.

    Good luck and good health!!

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    I guess millions upon millions of people are wrong and we should stop using supplements altogether then. It's expensive to only get your gains by eating, way more expensive than what you will spend if you supplement. Go ask the people you want to look like in your local gym what they take and get thwir diet and worout plan. That's your answer.

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