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old egypt invention stories

please help me to find some old egypt invention stories. thx!! anything invented by egypt before is ok

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    Egypt is one of the world's four ancient civilizations ㄧ originated before the year 3.200 BC, the dynasty had built for the United States Rees dynasty, the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, the capital at Thebes until the eighteenth dynasty, conquered Syria Libya, is the most powerful time in the history of Egypt. 31 BC, was destroyed by the Roman Empire, a province of the Roman Empire in 640 AD by the Arab armies to conquer, since the Egyptian Muslim, learning the Arabic language and Arab itself. France and Britain had been successively ruled, then the land area covered by Sudan, until 1885 Sudan out of Egypt independent, although Egypt on February 28, 1922 it announced that an independent, but until 1952, before the establishment of the Republic of Egypt, and to present the country No. names.

    The greatness of ancient Egypt is the great pyramid? Sphinx? Or ... huge statues and shrines tomb? Or development of the earliest mathematical? Medicine? Literature? In fact, ancient Egypt, the world's largest contribution from spreading in the development of cultural and finishing ancient Egypt across the sea affect Greece, can affect the land, Mesopotamia, then Greek influence future generations of Rome, Rome also affect future generations throughout the Western world, not only medical, calendar math building, letters (letters of the Phoenicians and the Greek alphabet, has a very strong Egyptian letters shadow), mysterious Egypt, and how to develop into such a far-reaching impact of civilization before We came to Egypt tourism, waiting for us to carefully explore.


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