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A very important question regarding wire transfers adn DD/ACH?

I know that a bank wire cots sme money but idk i dont knw if they start charging fess from a particular amount.I mean i dont know whether they charge you for any amount you wire or they haev a starting point of amount for which they charge the fees.

SEcondly does it charge bothways to sender and receiver or just oneway ? and to whom ???

VEry very very very very urgent plz help


@ stan big tnx on answering my question.Can you please let me know the minimum amount they charge .I mean can you guess and tell me .Tnx

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    The fees are generally dependent on the bank & your account type.

    ACH = Automated Clearing House, which a 3rd party financial transfer service that banks use to almost instantly transfer any sum of money to another bank - there is in nearly all cases a fee for sending wire transfers

    DDA = Direct Deposit Account (checking acct), you can also transfer funds to another financial institution or an individual account holder as long as you have the following:

    Bank Name

    Account Holder Name

    Account Number to transfer $ into

    The banks routing number

    There is often no added charge for this service; however, transfers can take 2 - 4 business days.

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    It should be a set amount no matter how much money is involved. No, they do not charge the sender

    Source(s): Retired bill collector 35 years
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