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TEFL Certificate - are online certifications taken seriously?

Are TEFL (teach English as a Foreign language) certifications from online classes good for anything? Will they allow you to get a job, or do you need a certificate from an actual instructor to be competitive?

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  • Ian
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    7 years ago
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    It depends on the school. Some prefer in-class, some don't care and in many you don't actually need one. They may be preferred.

    Source(s): I have taught English in China, Korea and Taiwan.
    • Ian
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      I'd say the ones that do care about whether it was online or not are a small number. If a high level school requires a CELTA or even an in-class course then they will probably have other requirements or preferences like experience.

      Experience trumps any certificate most of the time.

  • 7 years ago

    It really depends on the course provider. CELTA recently developed an online course. TESL Canada recognizes online programs from reputable universities and private institutes like Ontesol. These are advanced programs and you need to take a Practicum to get TESL Canada accreditation.

    Then there are introductory 60-140 hours TESOL/TEFL courses, which is probably what you are asking about since most online courses fall in this category. The international standard is 100 hours and it is highly recommended to upgrade your credentials with a specialist course such as TEYL.

    Most introductory online courses are accepted for entry-level jobs in Asia, Latin America, and parts of Europe. Of course, there are a few course providers that offer very poor programs and as well as there are poor on-site courses (Generally weekend courses in a seminar format).

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    You can find work teaching English abroad after completing a fully online course however, it can depend on the teaching position, your confidence as a teacher and previous experience you may have. Some employers only look for prospective teachers with a minimum number of hours of teaching practice in their training. If you are interested in completing a fully online course, I would suggest looking at the accreditation of the training provider, so you are safe in the knowledge that your certificate is internationally recognized, and also that the training is fully tutor supported.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Online certificates are very rarely accepted, even in places like China and Russia. They can be good supplements (teaching young learners/business English etc) to certificates and diplomas from actual courses.

    They are quite expensive now so you would be better off spending your money on a course that includes real teaching experience, classroom management and face-to-face lectures.

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