Boyfriend going to the club while im 32 weeks pregnant?

So my boyfriends 19 && I am 17 && we are expecting a daughter here in about a month && a half, he works constantly && it use to be everyday I would see him && now I'm lucky if I see him twice a week. His cousin is 18 && keeps asking him to go to the club && strip clubs etc ... well yesterday he came over to my house && asked me if I trusted him to go to the club on Saturday I got pissed off && told him that I don't want him going because I wanted him to spend time with me seeing as how I'm pregnant focusing on graduating sitting at home doing absolutely nothing && I don't get to see him as much as I'd like ... well he keeps yelling at me && asking me do you trust me do you trust me ? Well see the thing is we have been together a year && 3 months && I trust him with all my heart but I know how clubs are ... he told me to delete my Facebook all my friends outta my phone && told me if I didn't want him to ever go out that I couldn't have friends and couldn't talk to anyone but him && family because he thinks I'm trying to make his life just about work me and family. Do you think I'm wrong for wanting that ? Like were about to have a baby why be worried about partying && blowing your money on things you don't need when you could be spending it on the baby ... I don't know I'm so hurt && sad right now someone tell me of I'm wrong or right :'(

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hi, there. I'm sorry about all that you're going through. I'll give you my personal opinion on this, and hopefully it will help. I think he's an absolute jerk to do that to you. You DON'T go to clubs, strip clubs, or blow your money or parties, etc. when you're having a baby with your girlfriend. He sounds like he's immature, and also very controlling. He has no right to tell you who you can and can not talk to. So, not only does he sound controlling, he sounds like he's a definite immature, selfish person. He's very young but that is no excuse. He needs to step up and be a man, but most guys aren't fully mature until their mid 20's. He's still a kid in his mind, and HE is still number one to himself.

    Don't lose your friends, or your facebook, or your family for a guy. Has he done any of that for you? That's ridiculous. You need a life or you'll go crazy.

    He's going out and partying, and ignoring you and not seeing you. So, what are you supposed to do? Sit around and wait for him to come see you when he's done partying and going to strip clubs? You're being his door mat. I'm sure you love this guy, and you're having the greatest blessing in a month or so. Congratulations on that. But, this guy isn't good for you.

    You need to go to maybe talk to someone you trust. I think a therapist would help. I was in your shoes once. I married an abusive guy when I was 17 and he was 20. He also ignored me, and made me delete my facebook, I couldn't text anyone, see anyone... but, he'd go missing for days, party and do drugs constantly, and he wouldn't support me but could buy cigarettes for his friends and beer. I got sick of it and eventually divorced him, but it broke my heart.

    Don't let anyone tell you to leave him. My Mom told me this and it's the best advice I've ever gotten about bad relationships... one day, you'll wake up and know IF and when you've had enough. And, until then, just take it day by day. I'm sorry about all this. Just know it's nothing to do with you. He's just an immature guy. Good luck.

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  • Ronese
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    7 years ago

    Thats a game honey ur going to learn he probably messing with someone i wouldnt be too focused on him he is controlling

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