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If WWIII started during in the next 5 years, what do you think would happen?

I say Israel bombs an Iranian nuclear site. Iran retaliates, moves to invade. Passes through Iraq, kills some American "support" troops. USA gets involved, then the USA finds out that Russia is secretly supplying Iranians with weapons. Declares war on Russia. Russia pre-emptively strikes the EU (which has now become one super country). The Northern African countries join the sides of the Islamists. So now we have Israel, USA, EU. With Iran moving towards Israel. Russia moving towards the EU, and North Africa attacking across the Mediterranean. South Africa allies with the "Coalition for Freedom," i.e. the USA. But finds itself bogged down with civil wars in Central Africa. Next Pakistan sees an opportunity to reclaim parts of India they join the Iranians, and launch an attack on India. India join the Coalition for Freedom, against the "United People's of the World."

The Japanese have naturally allied with the USA, and so have the South Koreans. They collectively take the whole Korean peninsula. Thailand and the Australians have also joined the Coalition for Freedom, but they soon find themselves on the defensive against Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Chinese see a threat from the North (Russians) and from the Korean peninsula. They launch an attack on the Russians, Koreans, and Japanese, yet none of the respective allies of either those three join against the Chinese.

South America stays out of the whole thing, and becomes a booming industrial zone, financing and selling arms to both sides. The war ends in a stalemate, with most countries devastated, except for New America (the combination of all countries in South America) which has now become the leader of the First World. New America's main issue is illegal immigration by the lazy Old Americans. (USA).

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    Mel Gibson was right

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    What is really going to happen will be a lot more convoluted than your scenario. It will probably involve the rise of a charismatic Islamic leader uniting most of the Muslim nations in a jihad against Israel. The US will support Israel. How the other Great Powers (this is still only one "Super Power" react might surprise you. With the former Soviet Muslim states and the Western Chinese Muslim Provinces joining the Islamic Coalition we might find these two nations on our side rather then fighting against us. It is likely in my scenario that the use of nuclear weapons will be limited, but in the end the casualties from the huge land battles in Southern Europe might produce more casualties than WW I and WW II combined. The issue of the final outcome might be a lot more problematic than you would think as there are a LOT of Muslims in the world today.

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    I would stipulate that Japan remains neutral through the entirety of the conflict, severing all contact with the outside world for the duration of the war. The conflict quickly escalates to full on nuclear. Japan, being the only truly neutral nation during the struggle manages to survive without being struck by a single warhead.

    Two hundred years later, the background radiation levels are finally subsiding enough for human re-colonization by the Japanese Republic, which has built an orbital elevator in the mean time with dozens of orbital colonies at the Earth's Lagrange points. There is widespread peace and prosperity for all of humankind until the discovery is finally made. Deep beneath the streets of former civilization, mutant species have been multiplying. They rise up in a campaign to extinguish all human life.

    Only through giant fighting robots and their courageous pilots does humanity have any hope. Is it the end? Will the rebellions of the space colonies result in humanity's destruction? Surely not, for the fighting spirit of man will never be crushed by such despair or calamity!

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    The US would get involved immediately after Iran attacked Israel.

    It would most likely be USA, Israel, South Korea, Japan (possibly), some countries in Europe (depending on if the get involved)


    Iran, North Korea, and Russia.

    These are the most likely alliances. This also depends on if other countries enter the war.

    I heard a quote I love. It is about WWIII.

    the quotes is "WWIII with be fought with Nuclear weapons. WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones."

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    Seriously, I doubt that a third world war would happen due to Iran or Israel. The Arab countries do not have the will to go to war with Israel. They would lose. Israel has nukes and would not be afraid to use them if needed. Hamas could be a threat, but no non-state actor could possess an arsenal of weapons. If israel attacked iran and destroyed the nuke plants, then there would be no nukes to distribute. if a world war 3 happened, i think it would be cold war-style: Putin's Russia vs the US and Germany and Poland, maybe, over aggressive expansion into eastern Europe.

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    "the USA finds out that Russia is secretly supplying Iranians with weapons. Declares war on Russia."

    This is where your scenario breaks down - the USA would not immediately declare war on Russia, but instead demand that Russia stop supplying Iran with weapons. I doubt the Russians would continue to supply Iran with weapons anyway - they'd have no reason to do so (Cold War politics are no longer valid).

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    I don't think Iran's regime will have anything to do with WW3. They are not important enough for any of the superpowers to back up. Iran's regime is not something anyone publically supports and is not liked but something that is privately supported by all of them.

    BUT a major falling out between superpowers or between the West and Israel would lead to the scenario of WW3. South America would probably stay out of it and benefit for sure.

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    Russia and China are like brothers.Don't expect Chinese to help us in case a war begins.I don't think the WW3 will be like WW1 and WW2.I think during WW3 none of the big countries will DIRECTLY participate in fighting.I think they will just FINANCE and ARM smaller countries to do the job for them.

    During Israel-Arab was America was financing Israel and Russia was financing Arabs.This is how the things work now a days.

    USA is arming Syrian rebels and Russia is arming Syrian government.

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    China is susceptible, all they have is billions of people. Russia is ineffective, all they have is alot of land. center East is chaotic, all they want is Israel. Europe is a large number, all they have is socialist. we've not have been given any genuine enemies (cept terrorist) there is in simple terms no longer a WWIII. don't get your hopes up.

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    Understand that if WWIII breaks out, every major city of the world will be rendered into a nuclear wasteland. Not even Haiti will be spared.

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    I doubt Israel attacking Iran would start anything. Besides, I think they would take Iran quite handily. They've shown time and time again that despite their inferior numbers, they can fight.

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