Rock and pop: What's your opinion of the band Stone Temple Pilots?

I never really liked them. I like 3 or 4 songs but that's about it.

BQ: Now playing?

BQ2: Last album you listened to?

BQ3: Opinions of the band All That Remains?

BQ4: Why does everyone hate Nickelback?

BQ5: Why does everyone ask why everyone hates Nickelback?

BQ6: If you where able to reform a broken up band, what band would you choose?

BQ7: What is the optimal # of BQ's?

BQ8: Favorite song of 2012?

BQ9: Favorite album you purchased in 2012/

BQ11: have you purchased this year?

BQ12: To be or not to be?

BQ13: Yay/nay; AC/DC?

BQ14: Do you plan on going to any concerts this year?

BQ15: Opinions of the band Atreyu?

BQ!16: ^ Why or why not?

BQ17:favorite band who's vocalist died?

(Nirvana doesn't count.)

BQ18: Why does Al Gore fly his private jet to all his 'save the environment' rallies?

BQ19: How many albums do you own:

BQ20: ^ if you could only keep 10 of those, which would you keep


You were supposedto make your own #10

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    I really like Stone Temple Pilots, I think I own every one of their albums.

    You should listen to the "Purple" album of theirs, if you haven't given that one a listen. They have a ton of amazing songs on that one!

    BQ: The Sound of Muzak - Porcupine Tree

    BQ2: In Absentia - Porcupine Tree

    BQ3: I like them, I'm not a giant fan, but I like what I've heard.

    BQ4: "Something In Your Mouth" try listening to that.

    BQ5: Because everyone hates Nickelback, except for everyone who asks why does everyone hate Nickelback.

    BQ6: Led Zeppelin, I guess. Even though I think they're doing a reunion thing soon.

    BQ7: I'm fine with any amount, I personally use maybe 3 or 4.

    BQ8: Jambi by Tool. Does it count since it wasn't released in 2012?

    BQ9: In Keeping Secrets Silent of Earth: 3 - Coheed and Cambria

    BQ10: You missed #10.

    BQ11: No, I don't think so.

    BQ12: To be!

    BQ13: Yay.

    BQ14: Absolutely! I'm going to see The Darkness in like two weeks!

    BQ15: I like them too.

    BQ16: I like their style and music lol.

    BQ17: Alice in Chains

    BQ18: ARE YOU SERIOUS? He can't be on a plane with the rest of us regular people!!

    BQ19: I am not sure, haven't counted.

    BQ20: 17, 9, 8, 1,2 7, 6 ,5, 12, and 14.

  • 8 years ago

    Stone Temple Pilots was always, from Day One, a ripoff of early 90's Seattle bands (particularly Pearl Jam). They were never that original and nothing they did was all that memorable. Their first two albums were OK. Their greatest hits CD is worth owning. The CD they put out a couple of years ago after re-uniting is not even good enough to be mediocre.

    BQ1: By Crooked Steps by Soundgarden

    BQ2: King Animal - Soundgarden

    BQ3: No opinion.

    BQ4: Everyone doesn't hate Nickelback, even though everyone should.

    BQ5: So that anyone that has been on Y!A R&P for more than 2 days will be driven crazy.

    BQ6: The Black Crowes

    BQ7: Far, far less than you have asked here. I'd say 2 BQs at most would be about right.

    BQ8: "Rosemary" by Deftones

    BQ9: "Celebration Day" by Led Zeppelin

    BQ11: Just ordered a remastered copy of Presence by Led Zeppelin. Guess I'm on quite an LZ kick right now.

    BQ12: To be.

    BQ13: Yay

    BQ14: Yes.

    BQ15: No opinion.

    BQ16: Don't know them well enough to have an opinion.

    BQ17: Big Brother and the Holding Company

    BQ18: Don't even get me started on Al Gore.

    BQ19: Over 700

    BQ20: Lateralus, Aenima and 10,000 Days by Tool, and 7 Greatest Hits/Best Of type compilation CDs so that I could get the most music with only 10 CDs.

  • 8 years ago

    Great band one of the more underrated of the 90's

    BQ1: Mutha Fụck'N Steel Panther - Gold Digging Whore

    Youtube thumbnail


    BQ2: Symphony X - The Divine Wings Of Tragedy

    Youtube thumbnail


    BQ3: They're alright.

    BQ4: They're the tooth fairy on whiskey.

    BQ5: They are very very bored off their rocker.

    BQ6: The Original Guns N' Roses.

    BQ7: Meh.

    BQ8: Les Friction - Who Will Save You Now

    Youtube thumbnail


    BQ9: Devil's Train - Devil's Train.

    BQ10: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    BQ11: So far no but will be getting the new Jimi Hendrix album People, Hell & Angels.

    BQ12: Makes you think doesn't it?.

    BQ13: Why Yay.

    BQ14: Steel Panther, KISS, & Rush hopefully.

    BQ15: I'm not gonna lie, I am not a fan.

    BQ16: I Can't Get No Satisfaction.

    BQ17: Tie between Jimi Hendrix & Thin Lizzy.

    BQ18: He can't drive.

    BQ19: About 2000 maybe? I dunno you want me to start counting? Feck off!.

    BQ20: Ah lad come on you're breaking me balls here, I can't pick just 10.

  • 8 years ago

    I have a few cds by them, I don't find them to bad at all.

    BQ: Saga - Corkentellis

    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ2:just a little while ago it was Odessa a double album by The Bee Gees one of the best pieces of music I ever hear by them. It's a real treat to listen to. Bee Gees - Marley Purt Drive

    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ3:What I have heard of them not bad, can't say much more than that.

    BQ4:No idea I like them.

    BQ5:Because they can't think of anything else to ask.

    BQ6:The Dave Clark Five

    BQ:7:I enjoy most of them.

    BQ:8: early roman kings

    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ9: The Tempest Bob Dylan

    Here is BQ number 10 for you: Do you know this guy he is a reg on R&P?

    BQ11:Not yet but I am looking to get Eric Burdon & The Greenhornes.

    BQ12:To Be


    BQ14:Not right off hand

    BQ15: Don't know them

    BQ16: Why?

    BQ17:Queen would be one.

    BQ18:Please tell me why?

    BQ19:I have well over 3000 vinyl, and well over 700 cds, and around 600 tapes.

    BQ20:That would be a hard thing to do , but to take the easy way out I will say any 10 of The Rolling Stones.

    But what the hell if not all of them then.

    1.Rolling Stones England's Newest Hit Makers

    2.The Devil You Know.......Heaven & Hell

    3.Them Crooked Vultures....Self titled

    4.The Sheepdogs .....Self-titled

    5. Herman Brood & His Wild Romance........Herman Brood

    6.Puttin' On The Dog........The Hounds

    7.Thunder Seven.......Triumph

    8.The Johnnie Taylor Philosophy Continues......Johnnie Taylor

    9.Metamorphosis......Iron Butterfly

    10.Belafonte Live At Carnegie Hall.....Harry Belafonte

    take care dave

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  • 8 years ago

    Listen to the albums Purple and Core by STP and you might change your mind about them

    1 Heaven Beside You - Alice in Chains

    2 Dirt- Alice in Chains

    3 I dont like them

    4 Cause they used the popularity of grunge to get popular

    5 To annoy people

    6 I'd have to say the Dead Kennedys, i know they still play gigs but they suck without Jello Biafra

    7 around 2 or 3

    8 The Strangulation Chair - Cannibal Corpse

    9 Yellow and Green - Baroness

    10 "Will Rage Against the Machine ever record another album? Answer: Hopefully

    11 Fav album purchased this year also has to be Yellow and Green

    12 To be

    13 YAY

    14 D.R.I.

    15 Metalcore= no me gusta

    16 I hate metalcore thats why

    17 Alice in Chains

    18 Cause hes a hypocrite

    19 Upwards of 200

    20 I'd keep 10 of my Rush albums

  • rulon
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    4 years ago

    Massachusetts... Aerosmith The vehicles Boston Dropkick Murphys The amazing amazing Bosstones Rob Zombie Godsmack Stained new version The Pixies Joan Baez Bonnie Raitt The Dresden Dolls J. Geils Band

  • I love them and have you heard of Talk Show? They were formed when Scott Weiland was sorting out, his drug problems but they only made one album which was pretty good: and here's the full album here:

    BQ2: The Man who sold the World - David Bowie.

    BQ3: Never listened to them.

    BQ4: I hate them because their music sounds all the same.

    BQ5: Because they are unoriginal thinkers.

    BQ6: This band called Switchblade Symphony that I found on youtube:

    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ7: Dunno and don't care.

    BQ8: Bat For Lashes - Laura is a stunner for me:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I have tons of other faves as well, but wow what a song!

    BQ9: Probably finding X-mal Deutschland's Tocsin on vinyl.

    Where's BQ10?

    BQ11: I found The Human League's DARE! on vinyl so I'm happy. Oh and Pat Benatar's Crimes of Passion as well as a few others too.

    BQ12: Be yourself baby.

    BQ13: YAY

    BQ14: Dunno.

    BQ15: Haven't really listened to them.

    BQ16 -

    BQ17: It's whose not who's. I have tons of faves but Thin Lizzy comes to mind.

    BQ18: Because he doesn't own a pair of wings or a teleport machine.

    BQ19: Dunno and can't be bothered counting.

    BQ20: It'll be a lot of Bowie albums lol.

  • Seto
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    8 years ago

    I never got into them but I don't dislike it.

    Taking Care of Terrific- Jeromes Dream

    After the Lights- The Saddest Landscape

    They are good, I like All That Remains.

    I dislike them as I find them very boring, generic and emotionless meaningless music.


    Not sure.

    Too many to name but probably anything off of The Saddest Landscapes newest release.

    Not sure as I bought many.

    No I have not.

    That is the question

    Nay, I never liked ACDC


    Atreyu is a cool band, I have a few of their albums but do not listen to them as much as I did

    I just have so much other stuff I'm listening to that I don't have much time to listen to Atreyu

    Probably Death

    Not sure.

    49-60 legit copies but not sure.

    I don't listen to them all that much but probably all my death metal cds or smashing pumpkins Nirvana and Radiohead.

  • 8 years ago

    They're foxy to me.

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