Transportation between Poprad-Tatry Rail Station and Pohorela, Slovakia?

I am trying to get from the U.S. to Pohorela, Slovakia alone with a small child. I have never traveled the route before. Probably, I will fly into either Vienna, Krakow, or Budapest, but I am looking for the easiest train seems like it's from Vienna-Bratislava and Bratislava-Poprad Tatry. However, what is the best way from Poprad-Tatry rail station to Pohorela? Can I arrange a taxi in advance? I DON"T speak Slovakian...only German.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hello, it doesn't seem very easy for me.

    By train you can reach Brezno from Bratislava Hlavna and on by a local train to Pohorelá. Or if you decide to go Poprad-Tatry train station, then you have bus connection to Pohorelá.

    Be careful, it's quite much snow currently in Central Europe. (even in Vienna) I personally would choose to rent a car with GPS in Vienna, Bratislava or Budapest. However the road conditions can be harsh in the mountains. There is a mountain between Poprad and Pohorelá.

    So to summarize it probably the best way to reach Pohorelá by public transport is to catch a bus from Bratislava to Brezno (via Banská Bystrica) and then on to Pohorelá. (Maybe there is a direct bus to Brezno or even to Pohorelá if you are lucky.)

    Be also careful with the Vienna-Bratislava train, as it brings you to Bratislava-Petrzalka, which is on the south part of the city and you need to use other buses to get to the central bus or train station.

    Have good trip.

    Source(s): (buses, it takes 4 hours from Bratislava to Brezno)
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  • 3 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    Transport schedule search engine for Slovakia:

    (You can switch to English or German in the lower right corner.)

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