Day trips from Lourdes, France?

I plan to visit in May and make Lourdes my home base. Can anyone suggest nice Day Trips I can make from Lourdes? Must be by bus, train or tour bus, I will not be driving.

Thank you.

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  • zafir
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    8 years ago
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    Train to Pau, think it's about an hour away maybe less, nice historic town with castle.

    Bus, from outside train station, to Cauterets in the mountains, or Gavarnie Cirque. There's also a tour bus to this area.

    Toulouse is two hours away by train.

    Train to Orthez, small town with medieval bridge, and pretty town centre.

    Tour bus to the Betherram Caves.

    Tour bus to Bartres, it's only 4 kms from Lourdes so you could walk there and back if you feel fit.

    In Lourdes itself visit the Fort Chateau; take the funicular train up the Pic de Jer, great views, nice little cafe and, if your into walking, you can walk back down instead of taking the funicular.

    Lourdes has a good tourist centre where you can get advice on day trips. There is also a website:

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