How did Hitler manage to turn all of Germany against the Jews. What was the logic behind them being scapegoats?

I just find it odd that an entire nation could be persuaded to act with such cruelty. I know he blamed a lot of the countries problems on the Jews, but what are some examples he used to create so much hatred towards them.


So it's like the feelings of animosity people felt towards the Irish immigrants in the early 1900's and the Latino immigrants today, only to a much greater extent?

Update 2:

But with government fueled propaganda.

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    In 1916 the Germans were about to win WWI. The Entente powers against 50% of the German territorial army had reached nothing but a stalemate of the so called Schlieffen Plan, today known as "trench war". With the other 50% of the German Army deployed to the West after the victory in the East war would have been a matter of weeks. The Germans still made "neutral peace offers", ending the war with no winners and no losers, no territorial claims and no reparations.

    The Entente powers considered to accept the German proposals when German and British Zionists advanced the War Cabinet and proposed to draw the USA into the war for the reward of receiving Palestine as homeland for settlements. After the mission's success that reward was expressed in the "Balfour Declaration" of 1917.

    After the USA had entered the war, 900.000 German civilians were murdered until in 1919 by the British "hunger blockade" until under the British threat of continuing the genocide, the German government signed the "Versailles pamphlet", which meant financial ruin to all further German generations; the loss of 20 of the territory and 13% of the German population and a most shameful and dishonest but inverse proportional valid "confession" of guilt, oppressed on the victim of mass murder by the perpetrator.

    Jews were according to the 1871 German constitution full German citizens with all rights and liberties. Germany during that time was the only country in the world without Jewish "quota", regulating access to university and higher administration according to the percentage of Jewish population in the country.

    The "Balfour Deal" under co authorship of German Zionists had destroyed and ruined Germany for all times and made it an international pariah nation, not to speak about the genocide against 900.000 German civilians which until present simply goes unnoticed.

    Hitler had to set "Zionists = Jews". The rest came automatically.

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    Well, it wasn't the whole nation. Yes, it was an large PART of the country, but not all of it. There were Germans who opposed what was going on, but what could they do? They'd be treated as bad as the Jews if they spoke up.

    Hitler managed to get a large following in his craziness by lying and intimidation. There's even an incident where he staged his Nazis as the Polish and attacked Germany, just for a reason to turn people against Poland. He was a VERY good liar. Also, he got a following the same way Jim Jones got hundreds of people to commit suicide with him--he took advantage of the weak minded and worked his way up. All the rest is history--no pun intended.

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    Hitler didn't need to "turn" his country against the Jews because most Germans were already antisemitic; he just put into practice what many felt would be acceptable. I think you are even supporting this prejudice by saying that you know most money in Germany pre WWII was controlled by Jews. First of all, there wasn't much money in Germany pre WWII, due to the destruction of their economy following the debacle of their loss in WWI, and next, non Jewish people had just as much of a role in financial matters as Jews. Initially when the Nazis were in power the concentration camps, while bad, were not blatant extermination camps; that came later. German citizens accepted these concentration camps because they believed the lie that people sent to them were enemies of the state. By the time it was realized what was happening to the Jews and many others Hitler was a dictator and everyone had seen what happened to anyone who protested, so that even the few Germans who disagreed were afraid to speak out.

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    "What was the logic behind them being scapegoats?"

    The exact same logic that compelled the west into thinking the Communists were into world expansion and were all things evil, which given the time period wasn't too far from the truth. The persecution of the Jews had zero to do with religion - everything to do with trying to wrestle Germany and Europe of the 1930s out of the hands of the Bolsheviks.

    "Jewish Bolshevism or Judeo-Bolshevism is the conspiracy theory that Jews have been the driving force behind Communist movements, or more specifically Soviet Bolshevism. The expression has been used as a catchword for the assertion that Communism is a Jewish conspiracy, and it has often coincided with overtly aggressive nationalistic tendencies in the 20th century and 21st century. In Poland, Judeo-Bolshevism was known as Żydokomuna and was used as an antisemitic stereotype.

    The label "Judeo-Bolshevism" was used in Nazi Germany to equate Jews with communists, implying that the communist movement served Jewish interests and/or that all Jews were communists. According to Hannah Arendt, it was "the most efficient fiction of Nazi Propaganda". In Poland before World War II, Żydokomuna was used in the same way to allege that the Jews were conspiring with the USSR to capture Poland. According to André Gerrits, "The myth of Jewish Communism was one of the most popular and widespread political prejudices in the first half of the 20th century, in Eastern Europe in particular." The allegation continues to be used in antisemitic publications and websites today."

    That, and the 'big lie theory'.

    It doesn't matter how outragious the lie, say it often enough with strong conviction - and people will start buying it - it's the oxygen of conspiracy theories.

    Hitler had a hate-on for Jews because in his mind Jewery and Communism were one of the same - simply put :)

    Hope that helps.

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    Because of the crippling reparations imposed on Germany after WW1, the German economy was for all practical purposes bankrupted and the effects of this can be seen through the hyperinflation endured by the Germans in the 1920s. The German Jews were considered more loyal to their Jewish brethren of whatever nationality than to fellow Germans who by and large weren't Jewish and because of their international networks they were able to buy up huge amounts of German commerce using hard currency provided by their Jewish connections from other nations. It's an incontrovertible fact that a disproportionate amount of German trade and commerce was controlled by Jews and this inevitably lead to resentment. Consequently the Jews became an easy target when the majority of the German population was stirred up against them by Hitler's hate filled rhetoric. It's not quite the same as mass immigration from other countries. In this case the indigenous population feels it's being swamped by immigrants who are changing the established culture of the country. in Hitler's Germany the Jews as a proportion of the total population were never a threat to the indigenous German population and largely kept themselves to themselves anyway - it was the fact that despite the fact that Jews only comprised between 1 and 2 % of the overall population, they controlled a much greater proportion of the economy than their population size justified.

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    A large proportion of the Jews were prominent actors, lawyers, and doctors. Although there were plenty of poor Jews as well, the disproportional amount of Jews in the intelligentsia lead to the stereotype that Jews were rich and manipulative. With the entire country facing economic turmoil, and most of Europe, it was easy to blame those who had somehow avoided the economic hardship faced by the masses. For example, more than half of Poland's doctors were Jews before the start of World War II.

    They considered the Jews a race whose goal was world domination and who, therefore, were an obstruction to “Aryan” dominance. They believed that all of history was a fight between races, which should culminate in the triumph of the superior “Aryan” race. Therefore, they considered it their duty to eliminate the Jews, whom they regarded as a threat. In their eyes, the Jews’ racial origin made them habitual criminals who could never be rehabilitated and were hopelessly corrupt and inferior. There is no doubt that other factors contributed toward Nazi hatred of Jews and their distorted image of the Jewish people. These included the centuries-old tradition of Christian antisemitism, which propagated a negative stereotype of Jews as murderers of Christ, agents of the devil, and practitioners of witchcraft. Also significant was the political antisemitism of the latter half of the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries, which singled out Jews as a threat to the established order of society. These combined to point to Jews as a target for persecution and ultimate destruction by the Nazis.

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    During that time, Hitler saw Jews as disgrace to the nation. He planned to eradicate the jews by convincing others that they are taking away the bread from our hands, we must fight it. Also, because of the jewish commander, Germany forfeited the War. If you're over-interested in this case, then watch Hitler- Rise Of Evil (movie)

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    Actually the Jewish holiest book, the talmud teaches jews to deceive non-jews, leading the jews to cheat and steal from non-jews without conscience. Talmud also says lots of horrible demeaning things about non-jews, calling non-jews animals who are in human form to serve the jews, etc. etc. One of the main reasons Hitler hated the jews is because of the way the jews perceived non-jews, as inferior, cattle, etc.

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    Alot of the nation already did not like Jews because they were coming into the country taking the jobs of people. also he blamed alot of bad events that happened jews. also he took out all news papers and things like that and only published Nazi ideas so that would be all they would be reading for a long time

    also they belived that they were taking jobs and making they country not "Pure"

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    Joseph Goebbels was appointed as the minister of propaganda, this caused many people to hate the Jews because of what he said about them.

    they were also hated because they were seen as greedy and money lenders while German people were poorer

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