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Parking Rules....Sydney NSW?

Its been such a long time since I have had to do the licence rules (36 yrs in fact) so my question is, how far are you allowed to park on the street from a home's driveway. I would have thought it was a few metres, but at the moment I have this rude, ignorant neighbour who parks their car outside my house, instead of outside their own place - and on garbage bin nights, I cant get my bins out properly in order for the council to pick them up. Today, these same people parked so close to my driveway that I even had trouble backing out to see what traffic was coming. Anyway LOL I put my red bin out onto the road within a foot of the front of their car, and my green bin out on the road within a foot of the back of their car - So I hope the garbage man / or my bins land back onto their car to teach them a lesson. They actually have a beautiful brand new holden commodore (grape coplour) So a big scratch from the garbage man might suffice. Might I also add, that they have plenty of road parking in front of their own home, that's why I am so pissed off that they are parking in front of mine. I am not normally a judgemental or nasty person, but this has been ticking me off for several months now.

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    Janelle, I am sorry your not a nasty person, and I feel for you, I would be pissed off worse than you. I could suggest a couple of things, but I couldn't add them in this answer, but contact me I would tell you, lolol, let's say that car won't be a grape color for to long.

    Janelle, from the answers I see, it is the same for us back home, as long as they do not encroach on your right of passage, in and out of your driveway you really can't do anything legally....lol

    I think you know where I am going with my unprintable suggestions lolol....

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    Nsw Parking Rules

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    Parking Rules Nsw

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  • OzNana
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    Why don't you politely ask them if they'd mind not parking in front of your house. Tell them that you are disabled (they don't need to know any more than that) and it's difficult for you to get shopping in and out, or to get in and out of taxis when they are parked there. Tell them that it makes deliveries difficult, and that you can't get your car out of the driveway easily when their car is there.

    And try the trick with the bins.

    It might work.

    You could also try getting a couple of those portable accident safety thingys and putting them outside your own place a few times.

    A polite request first is your best chance. After that, it's time for the dirty tricks to come out.

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    You do not own the street in front of your house and anyone can park there if the local parking rules let them. You are not allowed to block someone's driveway but you can park as close to it as you like without encroaching on the ramp. To save arguments with your neighbours, if there is space in front of their house, why not put your garbage bins there? They might get the message without any altercations.

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    The bumper is permitted to align with the edge of the driveway. The can park wherever they wish provided the do not park in front of the driveway

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