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What's one thing that feminists have achieved that you disagree with?

I keep reading answers from men saying they have been restricted thanks to oppressive feminists and their enactment of laws that somehow make the world a worse place for men. Could you please give me an example of any achievement made by a feminist that you disagree with because I can think of literally zero.

BTW please don't give examples of things you think they WANT to achieve. I don't want lists of feminist goals that you disagree with. Just things that have actually come into effect please!

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    Sure, here are a few:

    Women not being held to the same standards,

    Women not being required to earn what they get the way men have to,

    Women should be given only what men are given (not what men have earned),

    Women should receive no special treatment,

    There should be no Affirmative discrimination,

    Women (men's proclaimed "equals") should receive no victim treatment at all (as a group),

    Women should receive no extra money for their issues that men's issues don't also receive,

    Women should receive no extra support that men don't get,

    Outlawing alimony (someone is not entitled to pay for your lifestyle if you are no longer with them),

    Equal custody rights of children (not "visitation rights"),

    No child support without proof (DNA testing showing it is his, and evidence that he wanted a child, or was equally negligent in accidental conceptions).

    The development of women groups in the military and selective service registration required for women. (to be drafted if needed, the same as men)

    No special government assistance or money for single mothers, unless single families get the same.

    No extra government assistance for having children while on government assistance (we'll pay for birth control instead, not unwanted children to be born)

    NO overriding Free Speech because someone is offended (I am offended by my free speech being taken away for anyone that wants to complain about their emotional sensitivity).

    No ridiculous sexual abuse cases for those "offended" but not actually abused.

    Prison for those that are proven to make fault rape claims (just like everyone else that makes false police reports).


    In short, for women to stop being coddled like children and being treated like victims. They have no right to be considered equal to men if they expect society to coddled them, treat them as victims, and give them special treatment and support. When they bare equal responsibility to earn their way just like men have to on these issues and stop claiming they need special treatment because they are victims, then they can claim to be about equality.

    ** and that isn't even going into the destruction of the "nuclear" family, marriage, etc; the harm of single mother homes on children, the hate and hostility between men and women; etc can all be laid at feminism's feet (and all those that supported them, passively or actively).

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  • 5 years ago

    The view that alpha males are so awful and anti- feminist. This is bollocks, because I know a couple of feminists that don't like me because I am too much alpha male. Fair enough, you can't be everyone's cuppa tea.

    But I disagree that now us alpha men are associated with the words 'abuse' 'bully' 'arrogant' and 'sexist' just to name a few. Being more masculine doesn't mean you are automatically a complete ********. And my opinion is that any man who is sexist towards women, abuses or bullies his gf/wife is NOT an alpha male, he is pathetic and cowardly.

    But feminism has made us more hated now, because of stereotypes that aren't even accurate. That is what I disagree with.

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  • 7 years ago

    I hate the way some of the so called feminists can host sexist show such as "Loose Women".

    Truly theses aren't feminists like me, these are simply gender Nazis. The media does a good job at putting the bad eggs under the light and leaving so many of the good in the dark.

    I want women to achieve the same pay as what men do when the in exactly the same job, same situation. I don't know if it happens for men know, but if it does, vice versa.

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  • hvap
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    7 years ago

    I was about to mention feminists have succeeded in closing down some men's shelters although they want more for women and in some countries closing men's urinals but DARRIN88 has a good list. I agree with him.My own Feminist sister believes in favouritism for women but i havent spoken to her or seen her for 4 years because i have no time for feminist pigs.

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  • 7 years ago

    A feminist is someone who agrees in equal rights for men and women. Hence any person male or female who is not a feminist by definition is sexist.

    Sometimes it is said that equal rights can't be given to both because some jobs require a man's physical strength etc...but that's a stupid way of looking at it. The point is that if a job can be done by a particular woman she should be given the opportunity same as a man and vice versa. A lot of women don't have the strength to deal with firehouse equipment but some women are so there are a few female fire-fighters. Guys deal with the same thing in jobs where nurturing is required... male nurses are often passed over for female nurses just because females are considered more nurturing. Well females are more nurturing in general but that doesn't mean there aren't nurturing guys out there.

    A lot of the issues I see here by answerers have nothing to do with feminism. They have to do with sexism. So what they have a problem with is sexists... not feminists despite what they may believe.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The right to have scholarships exclusively for women.

    Preferential treatment/affirmative action in education and business.



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  • 7 years ago

    feminists have achieved something?

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  • 7 years ago

    The government gives special treatment to women and blacks.

    This is bad for everyone.

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  • 7 years ago

    Just about everything including being able to vote. Its a disgrace! Also, stop bring your bra's. They even get paid the same as us MEN now for f#*! Sakes!

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  • 7 years ago

    female linesman

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