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Take out 5 names you hate?

Take out 5 names u hate from EACH GROUP. I will post more later but right now have boys/girls A-D.

If u hate them all, just put the 5 u absolutely cannot stand b/c that helps me better.

A boys: Alec, Alvin, Alexander, Anson, Ashton, Arthur, Andrew, Aiden, Anthony, Ace

A girls: Ashlynn, Avelyn, Avery, Aubrey, Aaliyah, Amelia, Adeline, Amber, Alaina, Audrey

B boys: Byron, Benjamin, Blake, Blane, Brandon, Brock, Bentley, Brayden, Brice, Beau

B girls: Blair, Brittany, Brandy, Brooklynn, Beatrice, Bethany, Bailey, Bridget, Brooke, Brylie

C boys: Connor, Christopher, Christian, Calvin, Collin, Cayden, Cooper, Carter, Chase, Corey

C girls: Christine, Cassandra, Cassidy, Callie, Cecilia, Chandra, Candace, Cadence, Caylie, Camille

D boys: Dylan, Dallan, Derek, Donovan, Daniel, David, Donald, Drake, Devin, Dominic

D girls: Danielle, Dalilah, Dana, Delaney, Deanne, Diane, Dena, Danica, Dorothy, Daisy

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  • MJ
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    7 years ago
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    A boys: Alvin, Alexander, Anson, Aiden, Anthony

    A girls: Ashlynn, Avery, Aubrey, Amelia, Audrey

    B boys: Byron, Blake, Blane, Brayden, Brice

    B girls: Blair, Brittany, Brooklynn, Beatrice, Brooke

    C boys: Collin, Calvin, Cayden, Cooper, Corey

    C girls: Cassidy, Callie, Cecilia, Candace, Caylie

    D boys: Dylan, Dallan, Donovan, Donald, Dominic

    D girls: Dalilah, Dana, Delaney, Deanne, Daisy

    I think HATE is a strong word, but I picked my least favorites. Good luck!

  • 7 years ago

    A boys: alec, alvin,anson, ace, arthur

    A Girls:ashlynn, avelyn, aaliyah, amelia ,adeline

    B boys: Byron, Blane, Brock, Brayden, Beau

    B girls: Blair, Brandy, Beatrice, Bethany, Brylie

    C boys: Connor, Calvin, , Cooper, Carter, Corey

    C girls: Callie, Chandra,, Cadence, Caylie, Camille

    D boys: Dallan, Derek, Donovan, Daniel, Donald

    D girls: Dana, Delaney, Deanne, Diane, Danica,

  • 7 years ago

    A Boys: Anson, Ashton, Ace, Alvin, Artur

    A Girls: Avery, Aaliyah, Ashlynn, Amelia, Adeline

    B Boys: Byron, Beau, Brayden, Brock, Brice

    B Grils: Blair, Brittany, Beatrice, Bridget, Brandy

    C Boys: Christian, Calvin, Collin, Cayden, Cooper

    C Girls: Cecilia, Chandra, Caylie, Camille, Christine

    D Boys: Dallan, Donovan, Donald, Devin, Dominic

    D Girls: Dalilah, Delaney, Deanne. Daisy, Dorothy

  • 7 years ago

    A Names

    Alec, Alvin , Anson, Arthur, Ace

    Adeline, Amber, Audrey, Avelyn, Amelia

    B Names

    Byron, Brock, Beau, Brice, Benjamin

    Brandy, Beatrice, Bethany, Brittany, Bridget

    C Names

    Conner, Calvin, Cooper, Carter, Collin

    Christine, Cecilia, Chandra, Camille, Cassandra

    D Names

    Dallan, Donovan, David, Donald, Dominic

    Dana, Deanne, Diane, Dena, Dorothy

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  • Cassie
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    7 years ago

    A boys: Alec, Alvin, Anson, Ashton, Ace

    A girls: Ashlynn, Avelyn, Amelia, Adeline, Alaina

    B boys: Benjamin, Blake, Brock, Brayden, Brice

    B girls: Brandy, Beatrice, Bethany, Bridget, Brylie

    C boys: Calvin, Cayden, Cooper, Carter, Corey

    C girls: Cecilia, Chandra, Candace, Cadence, Caylie

    D boys: Dallan, Derek, Donovan, Drake, Devin

    D girls: Deanne, Diane, Dena, Danica, Dorothy

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    A boys: Alvin, Anson, Andrew, Aiden, Ace

    A girls: Avery, Aubrey, Aaliyah, Adeline, Alaina,

    B boys: Benjamin, Brandon, Brock, Brayden, Beau

    B girls: Brittany, Brooklynn, Bailey, Bridget, Brooke

    C boys: Christopher, Christian, Calvin, Chase, Corey

    C girls: Christine, Callie, Cecilia, Caylie, Camille

    D boys: Dylan, Derek, Daniel, David, Donald

    D girls: Danielle, Delaney, Deanne, Diane, Danica

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