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Who drafted the Florida Marlins 1st Round Draft 2002 to 2012?

They are the Miami Marlins now. Hint: Mike Hill was not credited for drafting these players. In this persons profile they started giving him the credit through Wikipedia and Marlins news and Tommy Hutton and Rich Waltz.

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    I believe the name you're looking for is Larry Beinfest.

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    2002 Jeremy Hermida, OF

    2003 Jeffrey Allison, RHP

    2004 Taylor Tankersley, LHP

    2005 Chris Volstad, RHP

    2005 Aaron Thompson, LHP

    2005 Jacob Marceaux , RHP

    2005 Ryan Tucker, RHP

    2005 Sean West, LHP

    2006 Brett Sinkbeil, RHP

    2006 Chris Coghlan, 2B

    2007 Matt Dominguez, 3B

    2008 Kyle Skipworth, C

    2009 Chad James, LHP

    2010 Christian Yelich, 1B

    2011 Jose Fernandez, RHP

    Mike Hill is currently the GM of the Marlins. He may not be the final authority on draft picks and trade acquisitions... but that's the title on his business card.

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