She tells me "everything she touches turns to skittles". Please help me out!!!!?

thanks for take the time to read this - im sorry its a bit long - i didnt know how to cut it down!

Okay  so the background is -

Me & this girl have been friends for 4 years.

Shes completely stunning, smart, hilarious. Shes also a bit of a loose cannon & a massive flirt.

We're close. She hasnt really got anyone else, her mum died, her dads a waste of space.   She acts so tough to everyone but me.

She jumps from guy to guy and I love this girl i'm always there for her and I wanna be 'that' guy!

So its now 3 times we've had conversations about being more than friends -

1st Time:

she comes in like 'what shall i wear, blue coat or green coat?' so i says to her before that i need to say something to you and she just interrupts me like you dont need to say anything i already know and then i told her look ive worked out the perfect speech in me head and if you dont let me say it im gonna forget it! 

And then she just sits down and basically says - i already know how you feel and i could sit here and tell you I dont like you like that but your the one person im honest with so, you think i fool around with other guys cause I like them more than you but your wrong, i barely like them at all but I love you. But I would **** it up cause thats what I always do, i promise you that is what i would do, and i cant lose you alfie cause your the one person  who actually gives a **** . So it has to be like this. So you dont need to say anything!

And she just jumps up like "So come on sexy what do you reckon, blue coat or green?"

2nd Time:

She called, middle of the night "I dunno who to call, ive locked myself out"

So i went round & eventually got her in! Then were having a beer and she goes to me "you know that skittles advert? the one with the bloke and everything he touches turns to skittles - Im like that guy alfie! Thats why I cant go out with you"

So I just went are you trying to tell me you'd turn me to skittles or that your actaully a slightly over weight, middle aged, black man and you just hide it real well?!

And she laughed and was like "damn ! got me!" and we just messed about like that for a bit and that was it!

3rd time:

Right so we were sitting by the lake & she was going off on one (cause of her dad - long story)  and after a bit she calmed down and, i drum, so i started drumming out a tune and giving it a lil to make her laugh and she was blowing smoke at me to make me shut up - it was just nice, y'know easy!

And then we kinda like just kissed, and she smiled at me so i was like great & went for another and she just pulled away like no Alf dont.

And shes telling me "I love you too and thats why I dont wanna be the ***** that leads you on cause this aint never gonna be a relationship caused id lose you  alfie"

And Im trying to say we'd be great and i'd never leave her! And she goes "Ive heard that before" and when I asked her when she was likemy mum for one

Then shes just going on like "people I love go alfie one way or another, wether they want to or not, they go . Your training to run into fires to save people for a living cause your that incredibly selfless, your and Im the complete opposite im all about me!" 

And before I can say anything shes just like "look babe ive had a **** day can we just drop it! Have you heard from leighton since he's been away?"

Her mum dyings tragic and if i could change that, if i could give her her mum back id do it in a heartbeat but i cant.

And its not my fault & its not her fault but, i dunno, if thats the way she feels have we hit a brick wall???

I really love her like no one could come close! I like things I can fix I'm that kind of guy and I don't know what to do with this?

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    I know exactly what to do man. Next time y'all are hanging out, sit her down and say "look darlin, everytime I try to tell you something, you never let me finish, but this time, I want you to actually listen to me. Please babe, it's all I ask. Just give me a couple minutes to talk" she will agree. Than you need to get down on one knee, hold her hand and look into her eyes. Than you need to tell her "babe, I understand that you are afraid you and I will lose each other if we date, but you gotta realize something baby, love ain't always easy. But you love me, and I love you. Don't you think it's worth the risk? I promise to be the best damn boyfriend I can be. I'll always hold you, kiss you, talk to you. Make you feel better when your sad. Baby, all I ever do is think about you. Your my everything, you are my sun and my moon. You are my guiding star. I want you to be my girl. I promise you babe, that if you give this a chance, I'll never let you down. There is nothing you could do to make me ever leave you. Your my best friend, my shoulder to cry on. Your the one who has stolen my heart. I'd take a bullet for you. I promise to love you, protect you and care for you better than anyone can. I realize you are worried about losing me, but baby, that won't happen. I promise. Now babe, please darlin, give me a chance please. If you be my Lois lane, I'll be your superman. You would make me the happiest and luckiest guy alive if you would be my girlfriend." Tell her that and I think you will have her in your arms in seconds. I think that will make her wanna be your gf. After you finish saying that, kiss her hand and hold it to her heart for a few seconds and tell her "babe this Heart is yours and only yours" than put a finger under her chin, lean in and kiss her lips gently and whisper into her ear "I love you". After that dude, when she says yes, do whatever your heart tells you to do. Also, don't think your a wimp if after she says yes, if you have a few tears. That stuff is natural. Best of luck buddy:)

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    First of all, Beautiful an skillfull setup on this question, love the title being a reference to some of the contents in your question. You write/type really well and i took pleasure in reading this well written and guiltily amusing question.

    My suggestion..... Find someone else..... Seriously, start over. Find someone new.

    But here is the trick. Stay around. Be in the picture. Let her know you are still there. She will break one day. TRUST ME! She Will break! One day she will feel the sting of being alone or not having a meaningful relationship. And she will come back to you.

    Unfortunately the time she might return will most likely be when you find someone else and you begin to fall for this new person.

    Life is mean that way. But that is sadly a very repeated and very likely scenario.

    Work it to your advantage.

    Find someone new. Make her notice. Either she stops you in time and you guys get together or you fall in love with the new girl. Win-Win. Unless both things happen. If both things happen.... i will be here to answer that question. Should the time come for you to post it.

    Seriously, Don't let her go. Find someone new. And Good luck.

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    she sounds heaps stubborn and not sure if she will come around but maybe you should put it too her and tell her that its not likely who ever she ends up with will let her still be friends with many guys including yourself and that she will have to brush u away when her partner comes into the picture and once thats happened you will eventually get a partner and you will both go your own ways.. sounds like your in the friendzone and its not always bad but in your case sounds like she needs someone to tame her and not comfort her at the lift of her finger. good luck!!

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    Just be there for her.

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