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    Good morning everyone!

    I am here to tell you what is my favorite sports. As a matter of fact, I was not an active person, and I enjoyed reading more than exercise. However, ever since my father show me how to play baseball, I enjoy it and play almost every weekend now.

    We will go to the open field just me and my Dad. Sometimes, my Mom would join us and just be the audience to cheer us up. Dad told me how to throw the ball and catch it. I miss the ball more often than my Dad did. It is obvious, isn't it? as I am just a kid. It is my favorite time with me Dad, we would laugh and sweat a lot. Mom would be laughing too, it was such wonderful time for us.

    If we could not go out to play, we would watch baseball game instead. and I enjoy it too. Dad would explain to me when they should hit the bunt and why they steal bases. My favorite team is Brother Elephants.

    Now I am no longer a study nerd, I have my favorite sports-- baseball.

    Thanks everyone. Wish you a nice day!

    我不知道 你喜歡的運動是什麼 所以我選了台灣許多人喜愛的棒球運動還下筆 希望對你有幫助!

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    I am here to tell you what my favorite sports (is).

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