What do you thing of the King of Cambodia ?

I was born in USA and know nothing about Cambodian politics . When the king died most people i asked said good . Something about leaving the country when the Khmer Rogue was in power . What did you think about him and the current king ?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I only met Prince Norodom Sihanouk once, and that was in 1981 in Jakarta, Indonesia when he was making a State visit. I was a TV cameraman and journalist covering his visit.

    As a Southeast Asian historian I have studied a lot about his life and career. He was a strange person in many ways. He was egocentric and behaved erratically. He was a person who believed in "neutrality" and for that reason he was disliked by the US. His government pre-1970 fought against the Khmer Rouge sending the leaders underground from around 1965. When he was overthrown in the coup of March 1970 by the pro-US Lon Nol government, Sihanouk turned to the Khmer Rouge to assist in the fight against the Lon Nol government.

    A number of his children and other members of his family were killed by the Khmer Rouge.

    After the Vietnamese supported Heng Samrin government invaded and took Cambodia in January 1979, his son, Prince Norodom Rannaridh, ran one of the anti-Vietnamese/anti Heng Samrin forces, the FUNCINPEC, fighting in conjunction with, but not alongside, the Khmer Rouge and one of the other factions, the Khmer Serei, a US-backed group.

    Sihanouk retook the position of King in 1993 following the UN led elections.


    I know very little about King Norodom Sihamoni except that he was born on 14 May 1953 and became King when Sihanouk abdicated on 14 October 2004 and that he spent most of his life outside of Cambodia studying in Fine Arts. He lived in France just before returing to Cambodia as King.

    Source(s): A former TV news cameraman and journalist with over 30 years in the industry in Australia and Southeast Asia. Currently a SE Asian historian.
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    Taking care only a small family is hard enough for parents. Can you imagine how hard it is to taking care the whole country? Especially Cambodia is a poor county that have a lot of people that only think about their benefit. As a king he s not only find one solution to solve the problems. For me, I think he is a good king that deserve a respect from Cambodian people.

  • 7 years ago

    I only remember Prince Sihanouk. He was driven out by the Khmer Rouge. He was lucky to leave alive. I do not know who rules in Cambodia.

  • 7 years ago

    He wasn't able to control the Khmer rouge, and abandoned the Khmer people when the Khmer Rouge was taking over

    Source(s): Khmer
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  • 7 years ago

    nothing wrong with a king in some of these small poor countries.

    i was in Thailand in Chang mai. some kids got off the bus. they were in Cambodia. and Vietnam no big deal. i did not know it had a king. some one was robbed.. drug in drink... take out money at atm machine.. again a poor country.

    hope he was well educated (like guy in Thailand and north Korea and Syria.)

    Source(s): may go there.
  • 7 years ago

    I Know that he was the king of cambodia and now there is another king,don't waste your time and just leave that place dude.........

  • 7 years ago

    The King and I had no social contact other than an exchange of Christmas cards. I didn't even know that he was dead. That'll save some postage. Thanks.

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