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What is the maximum VFR altitude?

What is the max altitude until you have to file IFR?

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    Most airspace worldwide is up to FL 195 - (below FL 200) -

    In USA and Canada - it is below FL180 - meaning 17,500 ft -

    A little word of caution for nice little VFR pilots...! -

    Suppose you are flying like a good boy VFR at 17,500 ft -

    And that day, the altimeter (QNH) is 29.42 inches ...

    You might get rear-ended by a 737 who is (wrongly flying IFR) at FL180 -

    Read about the "lowest usable level" in FAR 91.121 -

    That is called the "transition level" in ICAO English -

    All pilots - beware "low (QNH) altimeters" - can be bad for your health -


    Source(s): Retired pilot
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    Hahahaha! We are getting lots of bogus stuff on here! Private pilots, talk with your instructor about airspace and don't listen to these folks that only fly helium filled balloons!!!

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    17,500 feet. You can go over 60,000 feet VFR, but need an IFR clearance to get there.

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    17,999 feet.. However, abiding by the hemispheric VFR cruising altitudes, 16,600 feet westbound and 17,500 feet eastbound.

    You could have Googled it and found the answer in about 15 seconds.

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    If you are flying a C172 or C 152, you can fly as high as you like.

  • fl 195 in most cases

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    as long as you can see and stay away from clouds,there isn't one.

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