help for college admittance in florida?

I want to go to FAU and the standards seem great like you need a 2.6 gpa and I have a 3.0 in honors classes which they say helps a lot. You need an 18 ACT and I have a 25 also I do MMA like I train CONSTANTLY and I compete at the amatuer level its very much a year round sport for me and I think Im a good talker like theyll think Im a nice clean cut guy not awkward or simple minded and I have no criminal record what do you think my chances are Im really nervous about it but I really wanna go there

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  • Ray
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    8 years ago
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    Assuming you are a Florida Resident, you should be fine - even if not really.

    The most affordable education - especially if you are using the Boca Raton main campus of FAU, is to attend the local community college (located on the same property) - complete the AA degree and transfer into the state university - for you, FAU. The same classes at FAU cost more - it is just the way it is.

    The Community College is called Palm Beach State College now... they all got goofy and changed their names. However, the schools in Boca Raton are on the same property.

    Best wishes for much success, always!

    Source(s): AA - Psychology, BS - Information Studies, MA - Professional Development, currently studying law.
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