Ideas for my 2013 bucket list?

I already have a bunch of stuff written down for my bucket list (47 so far) but I'm trying to get to 100 and I need more ideas. Can you just give me a bunch of ideas for stuff that I can put on it? I'm just 14, by the way. Thanks! <3

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    8 years ago
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    Here's mine so far, I'm 13:

    1. Zip-line

    2. Make pottery on a throw-wheel

    3. Swim with Dolphins

    4. Do a Marathon

    5. Jump in to a taxi and scream “Follow that car!”

    6. Ride in a hot air balloon.

    7. Cook every meal in a cook-book.

    8. Plant a tree, and take a photo of it a year later.

    9. Film a documentary.

    10. Jump in to a pool, with clothes on!

    11. Go to a midnight premiere of a movie.

    12. Explode Coke with Mentos.

    13. Volunteer at the SPCA.

    14. Eat fondue.

    15. Watch the sunrise.

    16. Play paintball

    17. Go to a Rodeo

    18. Donate blood.

    19. Finish High-school.

    20. Get a P.H.D.

    21. Leave a $100+ tip.

    22. Ride a mechanical bull.

    23. Write a column in a newspaper.

    24. Have everyone you meet for a day sign your shirt.

    25. Get a bulls-eye in Archery.

    26. Rope Swing in to the water.

    27. Have a beach bonfire.

    28. Learn how to surf.

    29. Make my own lip-balm.

    30. Write something in wet cement.

    31. Make home-made Ice Cream.

    32. Learn how to make paper cranes, make 1000.

    33. Sleep under the stars.

    34. Appear on T.V.

    35. Hold a starfish.

    36. Learn how to use chop-sticks

    37. Volunteer abroad

    38. Visit a butterfly garden.

    39. Have a water-fight with soft drinks

    40. Hunt for truffles.

    41. Write well with my left hand.

    42. Hide and seek in Ikea.

    43. Swim in the middle of the night.

    44. Get my picture in the paper.

    45. Go geocaching.

    46. Take a random bus to anywhere.

    47. Go white-water rafting.

    48. Get a strike bowling.

    49. Go snowmobiling

    50. Become an organ donor

    51. Sleep on a trampoline

    52. Be an extra in a movie.

    53. Learn to play the harmonica.

    54. Go scuba diving.

    55. See the Northern Lights.

    56. Create a YouTube Channel, with more than a thousand subscribers.

    57. Start a blog.

    58. Join PETA

    59. Be in two places at the same time!

    60. Have a mall scavenger hunt.

    61. Make and walk on tin can stilts!

    62. Ride a Segway

    63. Take photos in a photo booth

    64. Make caramel apples

    65. Find a sand dollar

    66. Go paintballing

    67. Go water-skiing, barefoot!

    68. Ride an iceboat

    69. Go surfing

    70. Go to a real haunted house

    71. Build an igloo

    72. Make an snow-lantern

    73. Go to a drive in movie

    74. Go zorbing

    75. Go whale-watching

    76. Go cliff-jumping

    77. Audition for a T.V. show

    78. Get a baby blue 1951 VW Beetle

    79. Learn how to sail

    80. Send a message in a bottle

    81. Have a paint fight

    82. Drive in a convertible with the top down

    83. Get to the top of a rock climbing thing

    84. Win a photography contest

    85. Be a game show contestant

    86. Ride in a submarine

    87. Model

    88. Try hot yoga

    89. Do a front-flip

    90. Have a HUGE water balloon fight

    91. Make up rainbow cake

    92. Run through fields of sunflowers

    93. Jump out of a closets in Ikea, yell “Narnia is awesome”

    94. Get married

    95. Have four kids

    96. Design my own house

    97. Dip-dye my hair

  • 8 years ago

    indoor skydiving. google it. ive heard of one in the new england area but i hope there are more around where you live. and dont think its something you cant do. like 12 year olds do it. just google before you judge

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