what does my dream mean?

Okay, so this is actually a two part dream, about the same thing basically. The first one was where at first I was in school and I needed to take my makeup off because my mom was coming, some sort of crazy contraption, and basically just random stuff that doesn't make much sense. Then I went out on the street, I think to get subway before a debate tournament, and I ran into this guy who "has feelings for me" (he told me in real life). Then I forget exactly how this happened but I found myself sort of laying on him and he was like, stroking my face and talking about how we would date. To myself the whole time I was thinking how I don't like him and how I feel bad for leading him on and not sure if I actually was but I couldn't help but feel like I kind of did like being around him but I didn't want to date him.....Next dream. I forget how we got there (they're dreams, it happens), but a bunch of people were at Wendy's. For some reason we were divided into rooms and I got roomed with this guy. Then somehow we ended up like, hugging each other on the bed (no, nothing was happening!) I'm not sure how I was but he was shirtless and again, he was holding me and stroking my face and we were just talking the whole time, or maybe he was, I don't think I said much, but we were just talking about stuff. The first one I had before I was told that he was getting over me-ish, the second one was after. What does any of this mean?! It's really bothering me...Best answer 10 points!

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    8 years ago
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    This boy, he seems to mean a lot to you if you have dreams and he's in them, in that way too. I think you should take to him more, I've had dreams, just small things, that end up happening.

  • 8 years ago

    this dream is about yourself and this guy. So no danger anws the guy likes you and u might like him too. A basic info never talk about your dreams its not always good except if they are good share with friends only close ones. If They were bad dreams they are always coming from the devil so try not to talk about them if u dnt want them to happen if you had a bad dream simply turn to the other side and spit three times on your left and leave your bed from the side that you turned to after the bad dream. Good Dreams are From God Almighty and the other type are common life experience like i told you about yourself anws i know what i told u seems strange but try it it works. Best of luck

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