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Is There an American Dream?

I have to do an essay on if the American Dream is still alive.

I chose to do the American Dream IS still alive, so that's my thesis...

My road map is Education, Job opportunities, and Freedom.

Now I just need examples for each point and that's where I'm stuck.

Can anyone give my examples or just why America's Education, Jobs, and Freedom give everyone a chance at the american dream

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    you've got to be in UK or europe somewhere.. cause if you were here in America.. you'd know, there is NO "american Dream" anymore , IF there really ever was. The closest it came to was the 1920s-60s.. when the average citizen could, actually OWN a home without a HUGE mortgage or massive down-payment (most homes here in the US are now WAY too over priced for instance a 1950s home in Los Angles is close to 200k.. for a SMALL!! home.. that is WAY over the top then it should be). The average citizen use to be able to look forward to a more "job security' in that the jobs were plentiful and paid a DECENT wage.. and if you wanted to climb up to a higher position you either got a chance to OR you went to college which was AFFORDABLE and actually gave you the chance to go to a profession and higher wages (that is NOT the case anymore). Average citizens could go down the street (other then perhaps blacks at the time) without the cops wanting to harass you or "curbside interrogate you" like they ALL to easily like to do today.. they suspect EVERYONE they have become THAT hostile. Criminals did NOT own the streets, violence was NOT a form of entertainment nor was it seen much. Folks were kind to one another, kids KNEW their place (they don't even move out of the way of adults here in America.. the spoil-ed little sh*ts!!!) There is NO LONGER any American dream... I know. I was born and lived here all my life. I am in my 30s and can tell you, what was once even a REMOTE possible idea of an "American Dream" either never existed.. or is now lost forever. Find another essay to write.

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    An american dream is the process of 1. Get down on your hunkers with one arm between both legs. 2. Start to hyperventilate for about 20 seconds or until your head starts to get dizzy. 3. Stand up, hold your breath and get one of your friends to push in the place under ribs :), You'll start to feel dizzy and your eye sight will go a fuzzy until it goes black you just lose everything, you fall to the ground shaking (its like having a seizure!) Shaking hard, you wake up with an unreal sensation! :D its like a having an orgasm :):O

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    The American dream doesn't exist anymore. Our politicians sold us out.

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