How can I start talking to this guy that I haven't talked to in 3 years?

-This is super long, just warning you.

So when I was 8 years old I LITERALLY fell in love as soon as I saw this guy. I met him outside of MPC (my old church that I went to). He was skateboarding & making a ramp. He has like emo skater long swoopy blonde hair, brown eyes, beautiful smile. He looks better in person than in pictures. We used to like each other a lot, we would get so nervous while around each other. I was with my mom once & he came up & asked my mom why she wouldn't let me have a boyfriend, my mom told him I'm too young.. He looked at me & made a sad face!(((((: omg. Then once we went swimming, the whole time we spent going under water trying to grab each other's feet! Then we jumped on the trampoline together! This was at his house in baker! His mom sings really good, his dad is a pastor. He plays guitar. He freaking wears vans!! I haven't seen him since 2011. When I saw him, we were at his gpaw's church & we kept smiling at each other the whole time, we were so nervous to talk. We stopped talking once he stopped going to MPC back when I was 12. I then left MPC & started coming to FWC (lol my new church). I'm literally in love with him. He is the sweetest guy I've ever met. I used to legit stalk his Facebook, & when he'd get on I'd chat him ASAP.

I'm so nervous to text him now.. I don't know what I'd say. There isn't much to say to someone that you haven't talked to in 3 years. I wanna text him so bad!!!! Last time I texted him, It was 2 weeks ago & it was a happy new year & he said who is this & I said Carly from MPC & he said oh you too! & that was it! :( I wanna talk to him.. I had a dream about him last night.. So I'm freaking out. What would you guys do? Please help. I'm not crazy, by the way.. Loll.

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  • 8 years ago

    how the **** do u fall in love at the age 8..? you should go to therapy

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