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Cadillac XTS commercial song?

Just need some help on what song is with the new Cadillac XTS commercial. I heard it during the Green Bay v San Francisco NFLPlayoff game about 20 minutes ago. the lyrics i can hear are: "shaking rattling crack it if you want" and "ohh ohh you can like it if you want, if you want eh eh" and that repeats twice. I hope anyone can help me. the song is soo good.

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    Here's a link to their website where they talk about the snippet in the commercial:

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    Cadillac Commercial Song

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    The song is called "What Makes A Good Man" by The Heavy. However, it's not the radio edit version. It is the Kenny Dope Remix. There's a lot of confusion about that but check out all versions on ITunes.


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    I spent two hours last night (saw it during the game) trying to find it. More this morning. It's making me crazy too! I've even tried the Cadillac website, but that was useless! I NEED to know!

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    OMG I have been searching for this song since last night but no luck. I did however find the ad on youtube and here's the link:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Hopefully, someone recognizes it and helps us out

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    I have searched everywhere. Nothing anywhere. I even used shazzam during the commercial and it didnt catch the song. The above answer is not the song.

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    Thought it might be a track by 'The Heavy'. But still lookin'....

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    It's driving me crazy trying to find this out..

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    The comments in the youtube of the commercial state that it's "Play It" by Victory...apparently not yet released & an artist to be found....nowhere.....<yet?> *very mysterious*

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    I don't know and wish I did. Tried to Shazam it but no luck! If you find out, let me know!

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