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Air Force Bio-environmental Engineer Apprentice. Personal experiences from someone who's had it?

I'm joining the Air Force and long story short, my Recruiter put me in a job slot for a BEE Apprentice and I could ship out in April (Which I would love) however since I was already booked for this job (Which I did not ask for) my recruiter told me that if I turn down this job that I'll probably never get offered another job and he said with "utmost certainty" that his boss will likely remove me from the Dep. He swears up and down this is a great job and that it hardly ever gets offered to someone. He even said in front of my whole Dep group that I hit the jackpot of jobs with this one.

I've never worked a day in my life and have no idea what kind of job I would like so I don't know if I'd enjoy this job. Could someone give me personal experience on what the job is like? Is it an easy job? More indoors than outdoors? Vice versa? I hear it's both but I've never gotten a good clear answer on if it's more indoors or not. Do NOT post a link to the official AirForce website with a page of the job description, I've already done a lot of research on it I just can't find many people who've actually HAD the job and tell their experiences. I just need personal experiences of this job, if it's worth going for, and if it is good as a civilian job if I choose to get out of the military (I read mixed answers on this one)

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  • 7 years ago
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    I have not done it, but I think you will be putting on a hazmat suit, and cleaning up somebody elses messes when they spill stuff. (like fuel, radioactive things, etc.)

    Good luck.

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