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How do u relpy on this site?

I don't know how to reply to people when they answer a question! How do u relpy?

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    Yahoo Answers is not a chat site so you have to be careful not to be chatting, The best way however, you could click on their avatar, if they accept ims or emails click on the appropriate one and follow the prompts. If the question is still open: click on the "edit" link below your question then "add details" add your note, preview and submit. The very best time to comment is when you choose best answer to your question.

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  • Y!A is not a chat room. It is a knowledge-seeking site in a question & answer format.

    You have three options:

    You can go to the user's profile & see if they accept IMs and/or emails. If so (and you allow them too) you can contact them that way.

    You can make 'comments' when you pick your Best Answer.

    You can use the 'add details' function to add additional information to make your question more complete or understandable. Be careful what you add though, you don't want to have your question reported as a chatting violation.


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