Does prior services have to go through BCT like everyone else?

I am going in as an E-4 from the AF to the Army and I'm just wondering if anything will be different because I am prior service?


can i use the phone or am I still going to be writing letters?

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    Ahh the memories, phosphorus melding into the Monterey fog, Drill Sergeants putting us in the thinking position. CS, blowing up Bambi’s dad with a claymore, first aid and how a bandoleer can hold things in place, chow, KP, pots and pans, having the Range Officer screaming cease fire while some idiot is firing on a civilian aircraft ( it was not me ), same thing except it was a yacht in no mans land behind the dunes in Monterey Bay, the guy that got hungry and ate poison ivy, wild pigs in bivouac area, being choked out for not saluting the aggressors flag in escape and evasion......AND WE ALL LIVED, SO WILL YOU!!!

    They say that in the Army

    The Chow is mighty fine

    A biscuit rolled off the table

    And killed a friend of mine

    They say that in the Army

    The Coffee’s mighty fine

    It looks like muddy water

    And tastes like turpentine.

    They say that in the Army

    The chickens mighty fine.

    One jumped up on the table

    And started marking time.

    Don't think it has changed too awful much since Dino Days, I even throw in a little butt extra charge

    It might go a little like this:

    Up before the sun @ 0430. Also known as O dark thirty

    30 minutes max for the 3 S's ($h!t, shower, shave) sometimes the shower is the night before.


    A little PT: Daily Dozen and Singing “Up in the morning with the rising sun, were gonna run till the running is done” while double timing a mile

    Chow: Coming to attention, count off 1 Drill Sergeant WETSU (We Eat This $h!t Up)


    Draw weapons if going to range


    Double time to training site. C130 rolling down the strip, airborne daddy gonna take a little trip.




    More PT Drill Sargent We Eat This $h!t Up

    Double time back to barracks. I wanna be an Airborne Ranger, lead a life of death and danger, I wanna go to Viet Nam, just to kill ole Charley Cong ( I will guess the words have changed)

    If weapons were drawn….

    Stack weapons

    Post guards. Guard relief to the head of Chow line.


    Clean weapons

    Have weapon inspected

    Turn in weapon

    Formation maybe maybe not

    1 hour of your time....maybe

    GI boots

    GI area

    Mass Attack on Showers or wait till morning

    Write mommy

    Lights out 2100

    Coma time


    Keep the pie hole shut and listen.

    Think out your's the not appear that you were not paying attention!!!

    Do not point at food and ask WTF is that:

    If it is a green looking meat like substance that is "Mystery meat". Chow down it's very good for you!

    If it looks like lumpy burnt oatmeal it's SOS.

    If the SOS is poured over a something ...that is a biscuit not a hockey puck…though it’s hard to tell the difference!

    If it is yellow and dry it is cake. Just stick it in a glass of milk, it will be fine.

    If it is brown and poured over rice it is chili.....maybe...could be gravy made from left over bacon grease.

    You think it will make you fat???

    NO PROBLEM! I will just PT you until your legs are wore off to the knee's and your arms to the elbow!!!


    WELL ARE WE???


    Close enough anyway!

    A premature welcome to "The Club"!

    SSG US Army 73-82

    H/4/3 Ft. Ord Jul-Sep 1973

    This We’ll Defend

    DO THAT ANSWER YOUR QUESTION! You pay attention on the grenade range, the recoiless range and the 203 range.....claymore range was with duds.....did the Air Force have you low crawl under wire and live fire...on your back?

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  • 8 years ago

    I think you'll have to do basic again because the army is harder than the air force. The only ones who don't have to do other services basic are the marines because theirs is the toughest.

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  • 8 years ago

    yes, you will have to go to basic training in the army

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  • Mrsjvb
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    the Army did away with WTC.. so yes, basic training all over again.

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