How can i be similiar to wentworth miller ?

I love how is well dressed , Articulate when it come's to words , Charming , and very amusing. i wish i was like him man.

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    There are two different styles of dress for actor Wentworth Miller. His style for industry events is simple, usually just a suit or tuxedo and tie, but at the same time sophisticated. His style for his everyday dress is more casual and laid back. Here is how you can dress like Wentworth Miller every day and for special events.

    Choose Armani suits and tuxedoes for special occasions. Keep everything simple: no pinstripes, colored shirts or loud ties. Wentworth Miller wears a plain black Armani tux or suit; a crisp, white shirt; and a black tie for industry events.

    Get your jeans and khakis from Gap or Abercrombie and Fitch. Miller has stated in many interviews that jeans and khakis from Abercrombie and Gap are his favorite choice. He is a spokesperson for Gap's "Clean and Simple" line and he actually wears the jeans he advertises.

    Put on a North Face brand jacket. To emulate Wentworth Miller's style, choose the "Nuptse" or "Redpoint" jackets in black from The North Face.

    Build a collection of short sleeved T-shirts. Miller wears short sleeved T-shirts from Gap and Abercrombie, a few from John Deere, the American Red Cross and from various small restaurants from around the world such as wagamamma in London and Good Dog/Bad Dog in Portland, Oregon.

    Wear a knit or fleece skull cap. Wentworth Miller wears both. He often wears a gray fleece skull cap from Eddie Bauer. Find the same style of knit skull caps he wears at stores such as Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle Outfitters.

    Buy a pair of classic Chuck Taylor's tennis shoes by Converse. Wentworth usually rocks the dark blue classic Chucks, but any dark color will do.

    Here is a website with tips about how to be charming:

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