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Is there a magnet that will amplify the earth's magnetic field so that metals can hover?

I want to create that Hover board from Back to the Future

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    It isn't just a matter of the strength of the field.

    If you think of the field as equivalent to a dome, and the hoverboard as equivalent to a ball bearing.

    Place the ball bearing anywhere on the dome and it rolls sideways, falling to the ground.

    The difficulty is having any form of self stabilizing field. One where things stay at a certain set distance from the surface.

    With an array of magnets it can be possible at a single point but even there, if the bottom of the board is N and the top is S what prevents the board from flipping over and attracting you, head down, to the earth very rapidly?

    You would have more success trying to build the DeLorean car out of parts found at the tip.

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    No, but there are trains that are levitated.

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