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Men: How many of you here are being kept away from your children by an ex partner?

Assuming you actually want to see them, of course


Proud male, well you would think so, wouldn't you

Update 2:

Woody, the problem i have with it is that men, including you, are trying to put all of the blame on us. And i'm not bloody having it. Read the others answers, from real life women, to get the TRUTH of many of these situations. Not what some crazy feminist on a random website is saying, just because it suits you men

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    Hm - just to say had to beg my ex husband to see his children once a month.

    But he told everyone I was doing the "keeping away" - it's a handy and easy lie, I discovered, I couldn't defend myself because I didn't want to hurt my children.

    Edit: Woody - there are evil women and there are evil men. I can only speak from my own experience and the experiences of those around me. Power games.

    I know men who say things like: if you don't do as I say, I won't see the children.

    I am quite happy to believe that there are women who say: If you don't do as I say, you won't see the children.

    But those with a stronger bond with their children are less likely to want to hurt them. No matter how angry I was at my ex husband, I would not want him to lose contact with his children. It would take something really bad (physical abuse, violence, drugs, drink, etc) to try and remove them from his influence.

    Most people who care for their children are like that. A person who does not put their children first, should not have custody of those children.

    On the other hand, people are too quick to condemn mothers. I tend to listen very carefully to both sides of the story.

    Edit Edit: Woody - I chose a man - I didn't choose a father for my children. I thought he was a good fun-loving guy. He wanted children. There was nothing to show that this was a mistake. We had sex, I got pregnant.

    Do not try to blame me for being a single mother. I did not walk away from my children.

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    I never believe the excuse that fathers have " my ex is keeping me away from my kids blah blah". They just use that excuse so they can spend all their time and money on themselves and don't have to see their kids and end up not looking like the bad parent. Most fathers do not care about their children from my experiences.

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    Practically none. Maybe one or two will claim so, but they'll be creepy and have a name perhaps like "potential rapist."

    I would be scared of the "antifeminist"/"potential rapist" (self-named) men on here, if I didn't know it were only about a few of them, and that they are powerless little nits.

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    My neice's father is totally MIA. He doesn't and never has had an interest in her. Never pays for child support either. He wasn't treated badly by my family either stayed with my sister until she actually had the child. Everyone tried to welcome him and encourage him that he'd be a great dad.

    We all stooped trying after she turned 3. He doesn't even pay child support.

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    God, from a kid's perspective it's a weird thing...

    I used to beg my mom to not send me to my dad's house. He was a drunken maniac. Most fathers are probably not like him.

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    I dont have children.

    *Hannah - why do you think fathers for justice organisations exist ? why do you think people would go to so much trouble to protest the family courts if there wasnt a problem with them ?

    *Hannah - and True Blue Brit - you choose these men. dont blame all of mankind for your own choices. The majority of men wouldnt walk out on their kids. its as simple as that. And even in the event of a break up, most men would want involvement in their kids lives.

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    Funny, I had to pressure my ex to step UP to 50%, it seems it interfered somewhat with his social life.

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    I don't have any children.

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    My boyfriend and my brother have

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