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"台灣到處充滿Hello Kitty,像coffee shop、醫院、飯店、飛機,每次看到kitty的商品我就會停下來看,所以一直無法到達我的目的地。我希望有一天你可以來台灣玩,我會推薦妳很多台灣好玩的地方和美食!"




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    就由Panda 再ㄘ幫您ㄅ; 如下:

    "台灣到處充滿Hello Kitty,像coffee shop、醫院、飯店、飛機。"Hello Kitty can be seen everywhere in Taiwan, at places such as coffee shop, hospital, hotel, and even on airplane.

    每次看到kitty的商品我就會停下來看,所以一直無法到達我的目的地。Every time when I see Hello Kitty-related products, I would always stop and look at them without any concept of time, that is why it always takes forever for me to get to my destination.

    *concept of time = 時間概念

    *destination = 目標,目的地

    *我用 "takes forever", 因為字面意思跟 "一直無法"很相近,但只是用來形容 "很久"。


    I sincerely hope you will be able to visit Taiwan one day, and I will be sure to take you (to) places full of excitement and great food."

    *sincerely hope = 真心希望

    *full of excitement =極有趣/好玩



    "My only wish is for you to follow me."


    "You are beautiful, adorable, and talented, that is why I admire you so much.


    Hope it helps!

    2013-01-12 14:57:46 補充:


    Places"full of" excitement and great food 裡面的 "full of"是共用在 excitement 跟 great food 上的:

    Places full of excitement and (full of) great food.


    Places full of excitement and "with" great food.

    Source(s): Panda 靈活翻譯社
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