Seeking employment for my daughter and myself and my fiance?

hi im 18 years of age i graduated from high school i now have a 3month old daughter and i been searching for a job i tried career builders snag a job ect.... i had a night labor job but they tried to get me out of my checks so i had to quit it and it wasn't benefiting me at all im dedicated to my work and everything else i done i just want the best for my family if anyone one or employers can help me out i would really appreciate it they'll get 100 points for answering this

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  • 7 years ago
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    Do they really let people like you graduate high school?

    "Seeking employment for my daughter and myself and my fiance?"

    No, you are seeking employment for yourself.

    No, you are not seeking employment for your 3 month old = I think she has to wait a wee bit longer until she can work.

    As for seeking employment for your fiance? Maybe I guess, but wouldn't it be better if she seeked her own employment?

    "tried to get me out of my checks" = what does this even mean?

    "I had to quit and the job was not benefiting me" = really? It seems like it was benefiting you because then you HAD a job and NOW you have none.

    Since the jobs on career builder, snag-a-job, and those kind of places are not calling you back for jobs, you are going to have to RE-START at the bottom with the night labor, restaurant dishwasher, the jobs that no one else want. But you can take and will start helping you provide for you family.

    If you are "dedicated to your work" - the management will notice and move you up. Maybe in a year, you can be on the day shift.

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