if you work at abercrombie can you wear hollister jeans if they cover up the bird?

i only have ONE pair of abercrombie jeans...and all the rest of my jeans are hollister....can you wear hollister jeans if the bird is covered up?

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    8 years ago
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    No you cannot. The pocket details are different. You can't wear another brand if there are noticeable brand details like pocket details. You also have to wear the Triple As which are very specific and don't include Hco brand items. If you just got hired, and when there are new triple As, you get a 50% discount on a pair of bottoms and 50% off 2 shirts as well.

    I work at Hco and if you wore A&F jeans there you would be sent home. One time I was wearing a pair of jean shorts from the summer 2012 Triple As when it was like the first week of the BTS (back to school) 2012 Triple As and there were different shorts on the approved looks. They looked almost identical, but my manager noticed. Yeah. It's that picky there =\

    Maybe other stores are more lax, though. My store is in a very upscale mall and is one of their best selling stores. We are known in our area for being one of the best. At a normal A&F or Hco they might not have the same standards. But I wouldn't be surprised if they are the same. Feel free to ask your manager, but I wouldn't do it without asking if you don't want to get in trouble.

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    Hollister is owned by Abercrombie. So even if you are wearing Hollister you are kind of promoting Abercrombie. Yeah, cover up the bird. But if someone asks you where they are from say Hollister but mention it is owned by Abercrombie :) Hope I helped

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    Yes you can. People at work where hollister all the time. But you can't wear Abercrombie if you work at Hollister. It's really weird but Abercrombie models can wear hollister but hollister models can't wear Abercrombie.

    Source(s): I've worn hollister to A&F and so have many other employees (including managers). I work at Abercrombie
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    It doesnt count number by using fact Hollister and A&F are owned by skill of the comparable human beings. in fact they generally use the comparable fashions so as that they gained't suggestions which you're wearing Hollister pants. they are able to even relish it. good luck!!

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