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Can I get into Medical School if I major in Aerospace Engineering?

K here is my life story. I got to highschool and the first course I had to take was chem and physics. I liked them both and since I also liked airplanes, I thought I might do aerospace engineering. However, now I'm a junior and I'm doing Honors Biology I. I am now also interested in Biology and the Medical Sciences as well. But since I liked Aerospace Engineering, I want to do that as well. So here is my question, if I make my major aerospace engineering would it decrease my chances of getting into any good medical school ie harvard, jhu, upenn etc.? I am asking this question because I have read that most med schools want to see majors such as biology, biomedical engineering microbiology, etc. I am currently a highschool junior. Also, if I get into a sucky undergrad school such as rutgers, no offense rutgers people if you are reading this, would it affect my acceptance into a med school such as harvard, jhu, upenn etc.? Also, do medical schools give you grants. I am not a citizen or a permanent resident of the usa so the only financial aid that I can get if any are grants. So do med schools give grants or any financial help for international students like me?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Yes, you can major in aerospace engineering and still get into medical school. You just need to take the courses required for admission to med school: 1 year of physics, 1 year of biology, 1 year of inorganic chemistry and 1 year of organic chemistry. Medical schools do NOT give preference to life sciences majors. They want a diverse student body, so you will find people who majored in literature, history, psychology, business, computer science, etc.

    I doubt most sucky colleges offer aerospace engineering as a major, so no worries there. By the way, Rutgers can be very good, if you go to a good campus (like New Brunswick rather than Camden). But you will need to make top grades to get into med school, so work on that now and you should be able to get into a good undergrad school. You don't have to be Ivy League to get into a top medical school, but you do have to have a high GPA and MCAT score.

    Medical schools certainly have financial aid. Visit the websites of the ones you're interested in to see what they have for international students. Here's the info for Johns Hopkins Medical School:

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  • 7 years ago

    Theoretically, yes. But, since you're not a US citizen it may be very difficult. And, there is no financial aid for med school, even for US students. You take out huge loans and then spend many years paying them back. You may or may not qualify for such loans, as a foreign student.

    Med schools will accept students with almost any major, as long as they have the pre-requisite math, science and English courses. Have you taken O-chem? That's the weed-out course for med school.

    I know docs who, as undergrads, were music, history or English majors.

    Those med schools you mention are even more competitive for admission than most. You'd need top grades, top MCAT score, fantastic recommendation letters, and impressive undergrad relevant research experience. And, those schools may not even be the best match for what you want to do. Harvard is mainly a research-oriented med school, for instance.

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  • 7 years ago

    Not being a US citizen or permanent resident you can only get school based aid which is only offered by private schools. My Canadian daughter got school based aid for about a third of the cost of getting her bachelors in the USA. We were only able to afford the total cost as we were able to get $30,000 in private loans and from the Canadian government. However getting her masters and PhD in the USA she was able to get a full ride because of her area of study and high grades.

    In your case, to get into medical school taking a very difficult major like any kind of engineering may result in your GPA being too low to get into medical school. But at least you will still have a really great major to fall back on.

    Also realize that all aerospace engineering jobs in the USA require US citizenship though at times they will accept Canadians and Australians. I am a Canadian electronics engineer and I was recruited for some aerospace work.

    Unless you feel you can get US citizenship by about age 25, you may want to study another area of engineering.

    Source(s): I am an electronics engineer. My daughter is getting a PhD in civil engineering.
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  • 7 years ago

    Yes, yes you can. :) Medical schools look for a diverse student body, so having a different degree might actually give you an edge! Just focus on getting a good GPA and a good MCAT.

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