CN blue v.s. FT island?

who do you like better? cn blue and ft island are from the same company but who do you think is better?

whos better in voices?

whos better in personalities?

in looks? lol

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    7 years ago
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    Just a heads-up, FT Island is my all-time favorite kpop group, so I'm a little biased lol. Be prepared for my obnoxiously long analysis.

    Obviously, I like FT Island more. I just find their general image and sound a lot more appealing. CN Blue is a little too... "indie" for me? "Bubbly" maybe? xD Anyway, FT Island has a harder sound, which you can hear especially in their Japanese songs, which I really really like. Their Japanese songs are the best, and they're also the ones they get to compose the most on.

    I still have to go with FT Island in voices. Hongki is the ultimate power vocal and a stunning performer. He really knows how to pump up a crowd and keep everyone jumping and screaming until your lungs give out (I would know first-hand lol). Plus, all of them can sing, and very well at that. The strength of Hongki's voice paired with Jaejin's mellow one make for some awesome harmonies. Yonghwa has a great voice, not gonna lie, but I'm not entranced by his voice or anything. Jonghyun, though... dang. That man's voice is heavenly.

    I can't say much for CN Blue's personalities, but overall, CN Blue seem like really nice guys. FT Island on the other hand, namely Hongki and Jonghun, are sorta jerks sometimes. There was that scandal with Jonghun and Gyuri; that sexist comment Hongki made one time; there's a few, really, but won't get into detail. Minhwan is the sort of quiet, deep, thoughtful type,which isn't bad, and Seunghyun is sort of obnoxious LOL (and of course Jaejin is perfect)

    LOOKS. Still FT Island. xD I mean from the beginning, FT Island has been known as a flower boy band, and for good reason. I've never found a member of FT Island ugly, ever (not counting some horrendous haircuts in the past and the millions of times when I've jokingly said "ugh all of you are so ugly i hate you" LOL). CN Blue has a couple pretty faces but some that aren't as pretty (this is just my opinion, not speaking for everyone). I do have to say this though: CN Blue trumps FT Island in height. lol

    So yeah. For me, it's FT Island, but I do like CN Blue as well :)

    Edit: I kinda made Hongki and Jonghun sound like they were nothing but a couple of jerks, but they aren't. They just have a few flaws that I've noticed, is all. They're actually not that bad; Hongki has a straightforward, hyper, gregarious socialite personality that's super cute, and Jonghun's also social but he's also a little quieter and awkward which is adorable. AND he's a phenomenal songwriter, as with Jaejin. Together, FT Island are a group of fun, close-knit, immature, hilarious, and overall friendly boys. They love their fans (Jonghun cried in a recent concert during a thank-you speech to Pris ;-;). They're a lot of fun to watch.

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  • 7 years ago

    I agree with lauren :) There's nothing much to say... I prefer FT Island than CN Blue because i prefer FTI's songs better:) CN Blue's songs are also nice anyway...

    Hongki and Yonghwa are good singers.Both of them have strong vocals but i still prefer hongki's as his voice is much more unique and can sing higher notes,don't you think? His voice makes my heart melt>< I am addicted to FTI ballad songs <3

    In my first impression, i think FTI looks more friendly than CN Blue ...i dunno why i feel that way when both are equally nice...maybe because FTI looks more active and cheerful? But in the end,i think that CN Blue is quite nice guys while FT Island's opposite. LOL

    As for looks... ... ... ... ...It's a draw!!! Yayyy;) CNB and FTI are equally handsome<3

    CN Blue's members are all so tall... did u noe that they are listed as 'giants' while FT Island's listed as 'extremely short' ? LOL

    But, FT Island's simply adorable !

    Source(s): Hardcore fan of FTI too <3
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    7 years ago

    I like CNBLUE better, but I'm not saying that they ARE better, I'm saying I prefer them over FTIsland. But CNBLUE is one of my favorite groups, lol.

    I think both Hongki and Yonghwa (main singers) have great voices. I can't tell which I like better, but if I did like one's voice over the other, it would be because of my biased opinion; even though they're both really good singers.

    Well, FTIsland are dorks, and CNBLUE are... I'm not that sure. But what's not to love about dorks? I love both the group's personalities~

    Personally, I prefer CNBLUE's look way over FTIsland's. Don't get me wrong, FTIsland's members are all really handsome, but I prefer the cute looking guys, and Minhyuk and Jungshin are my type, exactly. Yonghwa and Jonghyun are both really cute too.

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